Ferris IS 2500Z vs. Deere Z997

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by buxflyr, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. buxflyr

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    So I am moving to a diesel mower. More power, less fuel usage, better durability, etc. 60 to 61'' deck. Mix of residential and commercial properties. Some big (4 acres) and some small (< .25 acre)

    Does anyone here have experience with these two machines? I am looking for advice on the best cut, does the weight cause ruts, and which model will stripe better.

    Both are Yanmar engines. The Ferris is a bit smaller, I know.

    Which would you go for?
  2. frameslawn

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    I own a 997 deere with the 60" side discharge 7 iron II and I love it. Its a big mower but has plenty of power, does excellent on fuel consumption (well under a gallon per hour in all mowing conditions), and its tough as a rock. I cant say enough good things about this machine, highly recommend. If you get one, dont forget to pay a little extra and get the rear bumper to protect the hood.
  3. buxflyr

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    from Ohio
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    Good input! Is the weight ever an issue for anyone on lawns?

    I have had Deere's gas mowers before, and liked them.

    I have never owned a Ferris. Makes me wonder how the 2500 series have been since they came out...
  4. R & R Yard Designs

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    Just demo a ferris and you will fall in love. Trust me. I used one in the spring last year when one of the ztrs went down. After about an hour I told the dealer that I will buy the sdemo and then we got 3 more this spring. All 3100z and we love them all
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  5. DemolitionMan

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    I have a Ferris 2500z 61". I love it!!!! I looked at JD, Kubota, Ferris and Grasshopper all diesels. The price and suspension sold me on the Ferris, and also a friend has one with no issues and 350 hrs on his. As far as the cut I have been impressed, good strips and does really well in the heavy stuff. But mostly I cut tall Fescue. As far as weight yes if its really wet it will sink and yes i've been stuck. Just wait for it to dry, if not your going to have to use a walk behind. You won't be dissapointed in the Ferris. But good luck on your choice.

    Here is a link to my photo of the stripes
    Page 38 posted by Demolition man

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