Ferris IS owners, a question...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by swingset, May 27, 2008.

  1. swingset

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    I'm on my second year with the IS1500Z, last year it really just served as a backup and cut my own yard but this year my accounts are such that it's being used pretty heavily. This is my first hydro unit and as such I'm not super used to the idiosyncracies of those drive units.

    What concerns me is that at 25 hours I did my check on the hydro resevoir and noticed I was down a tiny bit. I double-checked the units, the connectors and watched for drips or leaks. Had none. At 48 hours, I'm down even more (I'd guess 1/5 quart). I topped it off, still no leaks or issues, but I'm wondering if this is a normal attrition of the units but I am thinking with a closed system like that they shouldn't be losing any at all.

    Is my experience normal, I'd like to know as I'm still going on some warranty and want a more "real world" answer before talking to a dealer that will no doubt assure me that anything other than a 250 degree engine fire is "how they all are".

  2. mybowtie

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    Call the dealer. Tell them your concerns. My IS2000 uses a little also. Its an 06 with around 350 hrs on it. My Exmark uses some also, so i think all is well.:usflag:
  3. punt66

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    I have a 2005 is1500 25/52 and doesnt go through any. There is no where for it to go unless its leaking, and a leak is easy to see, just look for the greasy dirt.
  4. Captain cut-some-grass

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    I have a IS1500 25-52 and it doesnt use a drop of oil hydro or motor. There must be a tiny leak some where!! Where else can it go?? If you put it in the Reseviour it has to go some where!! Dont give up on your ferris they are great machines!!:waving:
  5. mag360

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    Look for the leak---one of our machines (scag) has over 1500 hours on the original hydro oil with never a change in oil level or performance from the pumps.

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