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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ax Man, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Ax Man

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    Here's my tale, Ive been in the business over 15 years and did fine with bobcat walkbehinds for a long time. but as you guys know you can only step in so many holes before you get sore.
    So I bought a ZTR200 23 kawi. A dependable machine, it didn't cut like my 48 wb's ( deck dosn't folow the ground enough0 so after 3 seasons I tried and bought a Walker 25hp. It mows awesome with either the 52 sd deck or the ghs deck. However, roughest ride I everhad and slow to boot. I'm keeping this machine but want to know how the Ferris suspension machines hold up and cut. do they really follow the terrain?
    I tested a Gravely 310 yesterday on hilly ground and wouldn't buy one for the way it works there.
    Speed up kit and suspension seat are on the way for my yellow sweet heart now.
  2. johnhenry

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    i have a ferris and have used all of them in the past. The 4000 & 3000 model go about 10 groundspeed and have the best ride on the market.And the do hug the hills. I have a chopper which is pretty good on the hills but not like the ferris.I'm here in the ozarks and both these models are great for sloping or hilly terrain. There cut is there only downfall. They give a pretty good cut but not as good as a dixie,exmark,or walker. But on some properties you might not notice it. Now the ferris 1000 who that is a fast machine even faster than my chopper but the ride will kill you in 10 minutes so stay away from it. Ferris says that 1000 only goes at 9mph well the brand new one that I demoed more about 14 but really no good to use on a daily basis. Ferris is also coming out with a 5000 model next year. If ride and hills are concern go with the 3000 its a well built mower and has everything you would want
  3. gravedigger5

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    looking to buy my first ztr soon. test drove a ferris 3000 IS yesterday, one of the first I've had a chance to try, drove a land pride accu Z on the same piece of lawn. the ferris had an awsome ride and seemed to contour well in and out of ditches and around road culverts in front of the dealer. seemed to cut well but was not enough seat time to really tell. ride wise the accu Z wasn't even close. (I think the accu Z is actually a hustler Z, they look identical) good luck Marc

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  4. Doc Pete

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    I had a Walker with 52" deck and sold it. If you though it cut well, you might want to go with what I've settled on after 19 years. A have a Hustler 54" WB with two wheel zero turn velky. Naturally it's smoother than a rider, at least on similar turf, and gives a cut like a Walkbehind should. It will zero trun faster than a rider, and leave no ground marks. The pumps are adjustable, and I'm able run 10mph if needed.
  5. PaulJ

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    I saw a picture of Hustlers sit down sulky at the web wite. That thing looks like an easy chair behind the mower.

    Switchless , is that the sulky you have or do you use a stand up?
    Which one?
  6. Doc Pete

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    Paul, I stand. For me, standing gives me a much better view of everything. I can mow smaller 1/2 acre lawns and really make good use of the 54. I stay away from the bigger stuff. I look at it this way, why should a take on those big lawns, when there's good money in the small ones, and much less mower time for your money. Hell, I'll take $60/hour to blow off the walks and run the trimmer around a few trees, instead of being stuck on a rider for the same money.
  7. PaulJ

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    I agree on the standing thing. I use jungle wheels right now on a 36" belt drive, Have used Velke x2 on a snapper 48" hydro and I liked it better. I like that the Velke spins all the way aroud If your need to make a tight turn or back up, Just got to remember to step off the thing or:cry: ouch! I do like the large whels and platform of the jungle wheels though. I've been wondering about the fixed platform sulkies with the castors.

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