Ferris IS1500Z gas tank problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bon, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Bon

    Bon LawnSite Member
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    My 1500Z has but 25 hours on it and the siphon tube in the gas tank fell off. After some head scratching I figured this out and picked up some 1/4" gas line tubing and tried to attach it only to find out that I had to customize a spring metal hose clamp that will pass through the little hole on the side of the gas tank. Well, this worked for only a yard or two before it fell off again! :cry:Stranded; What gives? Has anyone had this problem? What is the right fix? I wish the tank was tapped near the bottom and I wouldn't need a siphon tube. Suggestions?:confused:
  2. Travis Followell

    Travis Followell LawnSite Silver Member
    from KY
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    With only 25 hours it must new enough to still be under warranty so i'd let the dealer fix it. Never heard of that happening.
  3. brudot

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    I have a 1000Z and had the same problem in both tanks. Ferris has a service bulletin out and you should be able to get the replacement parts from your dealer. Mine was under warranty so there wasn't any charge.
  4. djagusch

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    On a gravely I owned I had a similar problem but it was out of warranty. After I fixed it it didn't come off though. I found out that when I was filling the tank at the gas station the gas nozzle would hit the tube and eventually break it off.
  5. grassygal

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    Did you have a chance to check with your dealer yet? Ferris did put out a fix for this.
  6. Bon

    Bon LawnSite Member
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    I called my dealer this morning. They plead ignorance. Never heard of it. I decided to check it out myself and pulled the gas tank, drained it, and then fished out the two gas lines in the tank; the original line and my line that I tried to repair it with.

    Their original gas line is lightweight, clear and has a filter screen on the end. There is a hose retainer clamp on the bottom end of the line with the filter screen but no spring clamp on the top end that attached to the hose barb at the entrance to the tank. I shook the tank upside all around and can't hear anything left in the tank so I don't think there ever was a clamp on the top end of the gas line. I added a spring clamp to the top of the line and pushed it back on.

    Now that I'm armed with what you all say is a problem known to Ferris I think I'll take another whack at the dealer and see if he can help. I'll follow up on this . . .THANKS a bunch!
  7. brudot

    brudot LawnSite Member
    from CT
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    Send me a private message with your contact information and I will send you a copy of the paperwork that came with my new parts which show the Ferris Engineeing Change Notice number as well as Service Bulletin
  8. prowalker

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    Bon, ferris ser. bull. f093 p/n 5101149 is what you need ,the fuel additives in the midwest has affected your current line,the new line assy. will fix your problem, also i would install idler bearing sheilds on deck to help keep water out of deck idler pulleys, they are std. on 08 production p/n 5101103 they wont be free but will increase pulley life,its best to blow off unit instead of washing,will save you lots of money!!!!

    good luck , Rick at PEP , iNC

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