Ferris IS1500Z vs. others

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by aski13, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. aski13

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    Looking for a residential mower for 2.5 acres. Have been looking at Bobcat Fastcat, Scag Freedom Z, Bad Boy CZT, Hustler Fastrak, etc. I've also looked at the Ferris IS 1500Z, but unfortunately, the Ferris website is lacking detailed specs. In addition, the Ferris is being quoted at $7800 when all the others are coming in around the $5600 range. Outside of the suspension, what else would make the Ferris have a $2000 premium over the others? I want to be sure I'm comparing apples to apples, but I'm beginning to think the Ferris is an orange. Thanks.
  2. dbear

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    Here's the Ferris Specs. Looks like the IS 500Z uses independent pumps and wheel motors. If so, that puts it into the professional category, and accounts for most of the price delta. The other machines you mention would be more prosumer (top of the consumer family) as they use heavy-duty IZT drives. So yeah, I have to say the Ferris is an orange.

    You'll find more manufacturers trending toward HD IZTs (ZT3400 and ZT5400) even on what was traditionally considered "entry to mid level commercial" models, so there's nothing inherently wrong with that drive system. I'm thinking eventually, all manufacturers will change over to HD IZTs except for maybe their top-of-the-line, $10K+ machines.

    For a homeowner with a large property such as yourself, I think one of the best bangs for your buck right now is the Husqvarna MZ6128T.
  3. coughlin47

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    I bought my first ZTR about 2 months ago, and after a lot of research I bought the Ferris 1500 with 48 inch ICD deck and 20HP Kawa engine. I have 2 acres to mow, and some of it is fairly bumpy, but not too much elevation. The engine is more than powerful enough, and I cut my mow time by one hour. Important to me was the ride as I have a lower back problem. The suspension on the Ferris is good, and I have no problems with the back after mowing with the 1500. Also important to me was having a good dealer, and I found one about 15 miles from my place. I think the list price on the 1500 was around $6500, and he gave me a couple of hundred for my old tractor. As I haven't owned any other ZTR I can't give feedback on other brands, all I know is that I am very happy with the Ferris.
  4. BINKY1902

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    No it's not really apples to apples. The IS1500 is full commercial and the other are high end homeowner-light duty commercial models. That's the difference in price. The Ferris IS500 would be better compared to those models. The 500 will be in the same price range as the others you mentioned.
  5. dbear

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    Just realized I left a "1" off of the model number in my reply. I hate it when my brain gets ahead of my fingers...
  6. Popeye77

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    This is true it does not have the IZT transmission. Has a Briggs engine that lowers the price point.
  7. damnfingers

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    Yep, apples to apples would be the IS500, not the 1500.
  8. jtruck618

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    Take a look at a Snapper Pro or Simplicity. Both are pretty much the same as Ferris, but the Snapper Pro is without the suspension. Can get the ICD deck also. Very good bang for your buck.
  9. Popeye77

    Popeye77 LawnSite Member
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    This one is harder to beat. Full commercial Kaw and commercial IZT
    Snapper S50x
  10. IS500Z

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    The only differences between the IS500Z and the IS1500Z are deck and engine choices. Do you really need an engine rated for 2000 hours to mow a couple of acres and put on perhaps 100 hours per year? Routine maintenance on any engine can go a long way to preserving its life. I have a collection of old 2T Lawnboys that have been cutting grass for 30 years or more. I am sure none of them would be considered 'commercial' grade what ever that actually means. If commercial grade means used by commercial cutters a Walmart special thrown into the back of a rusting Ford pickup is commercial grade.

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