Ferris IS1500Z vs. others

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by aski13, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Popeye77

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    What gauge is your deck? Just curious haven't been back to the dealer to check. Need to go this week for carb parts but haven't made it yet.
  2. Capemay Eagle

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    I sold my Lawn tractor and Hustler Minifastrak year ago and both had residential engines. The tractor had a Kohler 20hp single cylinder courage and the Hustler had a Kohler 17hp single cylinder courage. As I said I used these machine for a few years and sold them both years ago and they are both still running fine! I know what I have learned over the years and If I did not find my Superduty for the price I did, I was most likely going to get a new MZ or Sport and most likely would have gotten the Briggs engine, unless I got a deal with the Kawi. For 30-50 hours a season, just no point spending the money for an acre!
  3. IS500Z

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    Deck thickness is one of the most inflated parameters of a mower's specifications in my opinion. Many are quoted at their thickest point which may be much thicker than the overall average for the deck, or is a composite effective thickness estimated from the reinforcements on the deck.

    That said the deck on my Ferris measures around 10 gauge (if I did the conversion correctly) on average with some reinforced areas measuring closer to 8.5 gauge. I am sure my old Lawnboys have decks much thinner than that and have never had problems. The Hustler Fastrack is around 11 gauge and I do not remember anyone having problems with them just a lot of happy owners. Hope that helps.
  4. Popeye77

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    from Texas
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    You answered it better than I could.
  5. aski13

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    Thanks for all the replies and great info. I'm actually looking at a five year old IS1500 with under 400 hours and an asking price of $4000. I may have to take a look at those Snapper Pros as well.
  6. Ramairfreak98ss

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    Yeah the 1500z Ferris is just a smaller "usually" commercial mower, now they have 61" decks and upto 27 or 28hp engines though.

    For 2.5 acres a week, the Ferris is500z would be fine, its 8mph speed isnt as quick as most full commercial 10+mph like the 1500z but 8mph is stilll moving.

    You can get a 48 or 61" deck on both the 500z and 1500z now so you may as well get the bigger deck.

    A 61" deck 500z is going to cost under $6k, a 1500z Ferris might run you closer to $7000, but not $7800. I know for a fact that $8500ish gets you into a 27/28 or 26hp liquid cooled kawasaki model engine 61" deck machine and has full independent suspension.

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