Ferris is2000 52"?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnSolutions LLC, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. LawnSolutions  LLC

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    I have been looking into buying a new ztr, and I love the whole idea of a smooth ride, which the Ferris ztr provides. The only thing that I am concerned about is the way it cuts. I went to the dealer and they let me demo it but they would not let me cut with it, so I was wondering what feedback I can get on the way it cuts?

    The mower I was looking at getting is the Ferris is2000 28/52.


    WOODSHED LawnSite Member
    from Indiana
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    I own an IS 1500 Z 21/48 and it does a great job on my yard. It leaves an excellent finish cut and stripes without a roller or flap. It is very important theat the deck is setup just as the manual suggests. Alot of people slag Ferris as having a poor cut but in my experience th cut is on par with my father-in-laws Exmark Lazer XS with Triton deck. Any mower will suck if the deck isn't level and pitched correctly.

  3. tnpete

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    We have a pair of the IS-2000-Z' and they cut great. Now I will not say they give the best cut. But I can stand the cut with the ride. One is a 2007 and the other is a 2008.
    Never plan on going to any other mower. If I were you, I think I would talk to the dealer. As he should allow you to try one out. And that is cutting with it also. Sure would not have bought one without it. Shoot the dealer brought the 4500 and the 2000 out for me to try out.
    Good luck
  4. mybowtie

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    I like my IS2000...The ride great. It cuts good...not as good as my laser z ultracut..The Z will throw the clippings frather and disperse them better.
  5. HighlandLC

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    How do the Ferris's handle wet morning grass ? Do they clump up a lot ?
  6. TomberLawn

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    I get a little bit of clumping if I'm in really thick, wet grass. One of these days I'll remember to charge the batteries for my digital camera and get a picture of my nicest yard striped really pretty. With a set of sharp blades, my Ferris cuts as good as anything I've seen.

    Has anybody demoed a 1500 and 2000? I've got a 1500 and my dealer told me he might get a 2000 coming in with a 61" and 26hp l/c Kawi in a couple weeks. I know a 61" would be more productive. Is there anything about the 2000's that are different from the 1500 that I might not like?
  7. tnpete

    tnpete LawnSite Member
    from West Tn
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    Morning grass with sharp blades not much. Now if its come a good rain and the grass is high. It will throw out clumps. But most will.
    But if its normal grass and just from dew. Not an issue at all.
  8. mowerbrad

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    Why wouldn't they let you cut with it? Any time I demo a mower I am always able to take it with me for a couple of days and actually use it on my accounts, in fact I'm doing that this weekend with a Toro. Commercial dealers are always able to get their hands on a demo unit that you can actually use and not just drive.
  9. seneca county snowman

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    the is1500 has apivoting front axle the is 2000 has indp. front susp.
  10. redfox033

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    I demoed the 1500, toro 400, and scag tiger cub 48" cut. I whent with the scag. The 1500 was ok, but it didn't cut as well as the other 2. If they wont let u cut with it I wouldn't buy it.

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