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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bondersma, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. bondersma

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    Hi GUys

    I have been looking at ZT mowers for a very long time now, and have decided to go with the Ferris IS2000z. I have about 3 acres of very very rough lawn to mow, I have demoed the scag, exmark, toro, and ferris, and hands down the ride of the Ferris was like mowing in my lazyboy. That was a few yrs back when Ferris still had the old deck, and from what I have been reading their new ICD deck is like a scag, and suppose to be alot better.

    I have considered used, but wow the prices seem high, and plus they all have the older deck which everyone seems to complain about.

    Anyway to my question now, I have called the 5 closest dealers, or should I say somewhat close dealer and came up with the following prices.

    52" deck w- 26hp kaw ---$8600 + 6% tax
    61" deck w- 26hp Kaw ---$8999 + tax

    Those to me seem way high, I did find one dealer selling what he said 2011 promo price of $7999 for 61" 25hp Kaw

    ANd another said he would do $8480 otd , for the 25hp kaw 52"

    That seems like a good deal of $7999 for the 61" , but my prob is I really wanted the 52", my land he is really bumpy and alot of small hills and slopes that come together that after demoing the 61" it seemed to scalp pretty bad.

    Is the trimming of the 52" deck that bad on the is2000 model, after the demo of the 61 "machines it was tough for me to get around compared to my cub cadet tractor with a "50 deck I am used to.

    So If there is a promo of the 61" for $7999 what would you think would be a good price for me to get the 52" if it was going for $8699. Is the $8480 otd seem fair?

  2. ashgrove landscaping

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    Go with the cheapest... The 52 will cut and look better but if the 61 is cheaper it s really not that much different.
  3. pugs

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    Those prices seem decent. The 7999 is really good for the 61". The distributor is doing some special pricing on the 26/61, 30/61 and the IS3100 30/61 machines. However some of those dealers may have machines that werent bought on the special so that could explain the difference in pricing.

    When you tested the Ferris did it have a suspension seat or not? All the new ones do not include a suspension seat. You can add a suspension platform for like 150 but not really the same thing. I have a IS2000 from the end of last year that is more pricey just because it has the suspension seat that they no longer offer.

    Also one warning on the 52" IS2000. We just started with Ferris maybe 1.5-2 years ago. Sold a 52 IS2000 last year. Guy cut up one of his rear tires. Guess what...its a Carlisle tire but my Carlisle distributor cant get them. Only place to get them is Ferris. The 61 uses a readily available size.
  4. bondersma

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    The ferris I tested was actually the 3100 with the lc Kaw in it. It didnt have the suspension seat but I think it was what the called the high back deluxe seat, it was grey, here is a pic of the mower I tested. All i know is that it rode soooo nice, it was really really comfy. That suspension platform you are talking about is that from the dealer or elsewere for that price, I did a search for some seats and came across a ebay seller selling what claims to be a suspension platform you bolt on and is adj for $150 . I really want to get the susupension seat also, my yard is terribly bumpy, so bumpy that when I test drove the exmark, scag and toro lineup later in the night after each test ride I had such a bad back ache I could hardly walk beleive it or not.

    Here is the link to the suspension seat I looked up on ebay.


    Is the 52" that bad for trimming you think, is is doable, Most dealers say they never sell em, but I think it would be better suited for my lawn .

    Below is the newest seat I think Ferris has on their machines, I am wondering how it compares to the high back deluxe seat that used to be on the machines, like pictured below it. That is the seat that was on the 3100 I tested, it looks like the back is alot higher and to me, would see alot more comfortable. Maybe you can get them as add on , I dont know.
    Thanks for all the help


  5. meth

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    I have been looking at Ferris for over a year- similiar to you I have an extremely bumpy yard - currently I cut it with a lawn tractor and even with that it beats the hell out of me. My neighbor has an IS1500 and I tried that and although it still knocked me around a bit it was no worse than the lawn tractor. They are good machines, I would prefer a 52" deck as well, but I'm only cutting just under 2 acres
  6. bmurr

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    I have been in the same boat. I had narrowed it to an IS2000 with a 26\52 or a 30\61. I had found a 2010 with a 31hp with a 61 ICD deck for 8300. I tried 1 last place that had both Ferris and Simplicity. They had 1 2010 Simplicity Cobalt with 30hp and 61in ICD deck for 8500. Since it was out of state, there was no sales tax. The Cobalt and the IS2000 are the same mower. Only difference is the color, and the Simp. has the roller on the back of the deck for striping. I have had it one week now and couldn't be happier.
  7. bondersma

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    hmmm, I now see that the IS2000z in the 52" only come with aluminum spindle, the 61" comes with the cast-iron spindle, both are greaseable.

    Anyone having problems with their aluminum spindles on these Ferris mowers, its making me thinking now I should go with the 61" , haha back an forth I go.
  8. mowerman1984

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    it's the same shaft and bearings with a different housing. they are both extremely reliable. i wouldn't let that be your deciding factor. the 61 will have a loty more "trimability" due to the deck sticking out further from the machine. so if you have a lot of trees and fences to mow around the 61 will be a better choice.
  9. mowerman1984

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    the simplicity and the ferris are NOT the same machine. though they loog similar, the simplicity has a single belt drive to the pumps, and also has a lot less warranty. now do you think they would give the same machines different warrantys??? go ferris!!!
  10. LexingtonKYcutter

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    They are around $8999 here in Kentucky.

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