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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobcat2, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. bobcat2

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    Hi all,

    I dont see much advertising or here that much about Ferris commercial mowers. The majority of the mowers I see on trailers and working the corporate grounds are Scag, Exmark and Toro. Why not Ferris with the 4 wheel suspension? Is this 4 wheel suspension overrated? I have a bad back and I'm considering purchasing a new Ferris IS2000Z 52" for the softer ride.A dealer quoted me a price of only 7500. originally priced at 9500. due to their business being very slow.Does the Scag velocity deck outperform the Ferris deck for quality cut and longevity substantially?
    Thankyou, Your input is very much appreciated.
  2. tacoma200

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    If you have a bad back I'd look at the Ferris very close. I demoed one with the new deck they are getting ready to come out with which will be closer to the Scag deck. They ride very good, the cut quality in some parts of the country has never really been outstanding but with the new deck moist wet grass performance should improve. I know of no major problems with the Ferris machines. They are a bit top heavy compared to a Scag or the "new" Lazer. Some area's they cut well and others just OK from the post I've read. I wouldn't be afraid of one. I doubt you would get as good a deal on the new deck coming out but it would be worth the wait.
  3. Classic cuts

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    I bought the IS 2000 in may for my business. It has the 61" deck and the 30 hp Briggs big Block. Most of my accounts are country houses here in Michigan with basically field grass. Like Tacoma200 said, some lawns cut like a Lazer and sometimes it looks like ****! They dont like wet, weedy grass. I am trading it in for the 3100, but I didnt know they are comming out with a new deck??
  4. bobcat2

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    Since Ferris is coming out with a new deck I will wait.
  5. Shane100

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    I recently purchased an IS2000. Mine is still brand new so I can't speak to the longevity or reliability. I can say the ride is outstanding. Mine also has a suspension seat. The cut is just as good as any other on bermuda.

    Price wise they are cheaper here in OKC.

    61"/30hp w/suspension seat $7699 Mine
    61"/34hp w/new deck and suspension seat $7999 Marked down 2wks after my purchase.
  6. tacoma200

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    Is your 30 the Briggs? I don't think I want a Kawasaki till they get the fuel usage under control. I never thought I would want a Briggs over a Kaw but i just don't like the new big vertical Kaws yet.
  7. DaddyRabbit

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    Simply put, most Landscaping owners as I see it do not operate the equipment to begin with and must bargain shop if they are to make a living. Regardless of what is on the bargain trailers going up and down the road do a demo on a Ferris and you'll never look back at bargain basement priced ZTR's again.

  8. Shane100

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    Yes, I never thought I would buy anything with a Briggs on it either. But now I own a "Briggs/Ferris" mower with a "Briggs/Vanguard" engine. :confused:
    I did a lot of reading on hear and other similar forums and could not find hardly any Vanguard Bashers. I think that says something considering you can usually find a few on just about all brands/makes. As for Ferris, there are plenty of Bashers on them but also a lot of people who swear by them. I also have a very bad back (I will have surgery someday) and that weighed heavy on my decision.

    I am having trouble finding anything on a 30hp Vanguard though. Am I the only one who owns one?:)

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