Ferris IS3100z problems snapping (Omni) belts

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ZOOFULL, Jul 20, 2017.

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    LOL.....I did a "double take" when I read that reply too!
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    It's easy on a written media like this to get crossed up, or write in such a way as to be misunderstood. In fact, I could write a novel on all the things I've been misunderstood about on a different forum! :D
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    Welp, the dealer came back and said he couldn't do 3K but would take my unit and $3500 in exchange for a 2017 new 3200z. I think in most ways it's a fair deal (as fair as anything similar in another brand I will be able to trade for) but I don't understand for the life of me why he said 3k and when I took him up on it he said "it ain't written in stone with the factory" (Ferris is kicking in some money to offset his participation and potential loss on resale). I'm really tired of this saga and need to get out from under this lemon, so even though I don't think that offer is actually making things right, it's probably the best economic exchange I'm gonna get so long as I am trying to replace an apple with an apple.
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    Just came here to state I have a 2016 3200z. Have replaced 3 belts this season. 4 belts last season.115 hours on the unit. 8 acre property, mow about 4 acres a week rotating dense growth with tractor Bush hog.

    I hope you have resolution. I am considering abandoning this unit and going with non-Ferris SCAG direct drive or other unit. Mine are clean snaps too and at 105 a piece, killing me.
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    How high are you letting the grass get ? You state you rotate it with bush hogging. If you cut too high, thick grass the belt will heat up and break. The new design has 2 belts on deck not one. Not sure what size deck you have. I have a 72 inch and broke one belt in two years .. mowing higher and thicker grass than I should have been mowing.

    Ferris was great about it. They redesigned the tensioner pully which they sent for free and also warranted the belt for me even though it was about two years old.

    I had the belt come off once, and again, partially my fault engaging in high grass. The engine (37 hp efi) has a lot of power and has no problem spinning the belt to where it gets overly hot and will break.
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    I have a 2017 Ferris 3200z with the 37HP EFI Vanguard and 61" deck. This is the single belt deck. I've learned a few things I would like to pass on. Yes, it snapped it's belt at 30 hours. My dealer replaced it with the German belt and adjusted the belt tension. Ferris has said that you need to adjust the belt tension to less than 12" on the spring to around 11 1/4 to 11 1/2. I'm at 11 3/4 to keep the blade tip speed up. I am now at 150 hours without any further belt breakages. I'm mowing 4 acres a week at 2.5" inches. I also don't agree with engaging the PTO at full throttle. I engage at just over half and disengage the same way. You are putting a lot of stress on the clutch and belts to do this at full throttle. I had a SCAG Wildcat 2004 model with the Advantage deck and it broke probably 3 belts in 600+ hours on it. So, I wouldn't say it was perfect either.
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