Ferris Mowerdeck problems AND NO Help From the Dealer or the Company

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bubenberg, Jun 19, 2001.

  1. bubenberg

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    We experience the same problem as an other writer has and I alllowed myself to use his words with some modification:"lot of deck clogging & lots of clumping in the discharge from our" 60" IS 4000 deck. The writer goes on saying that: "Additionally, it seems that there is a "skip" left each time we make a slow right turn."; we have the same problem. The "skip also occurs when we mowe on slopes, or with a semy full gras or leafcatcher, which ferris said that can be used with their equipment.
    Yes, the suspension works great, but we are in the business of gras cutting and need the support from the dealer and the manufacturer.
  2. Finecut

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    from IL
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    We have had a IS in the shop since May 22 and they still can't find out what's wrong with it and today is June 19. They need to work on dealer support and manufacture support.
  3. steve

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    The only thing I can say is give the factory a call and tell them about your problems. Tell them you need a fix & need it Now!!:mad:

    Toll-free (US only) 800-933-6175
    Phone 315-495-0100
    Fax 315-495-0109
    Business Hours (Mon-Fri) 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST
    (Above information from ferrisindustries.com)
  4. sorry dude I had three DD52" and they sucked
    had them for 3 months and was at the dealer every other day
    after a moth i got tired of this and asked them to take them back and then they gave me realy poor sevice
    I call my lawer and he call and talked to them and the anti lemon law made them give me all my money back plus what i got stuck paying for some repairs

  5. bubenberg

    bubenberg LawnSite Member
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    Which question should i ask?
    Rather pull back their sponsorship?
    -than answer existing customers questions on this site, the phone or e-mail.
    -educate the dealer net so they can solve the problems .... because after all we bought these machines to mow with ... not to look pretty in the dealers shop
    Did i make a $8000.00 booboo?
    Did anybody else get an answer or satisfaction from the dealers repairshop?
    Is my next step the law: Autorney Generals Office of the neighbor state NY/ Consumer advocate to investigat false advertizing about superior ride without deminishing mowing capability?
  6. Try running double blades in a number of combos.
  7. HOMER

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    Always had a problem with that suspension thang. I think I'll stick to the kidney bruisers, least I know how to mow with them.
  8. Finecut

    Finecut LawnSite Member
    from IL
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    There is a toll free number listed above...when all else fails try calling them at the factory and ask them to intervene and try to resolve your problem. Remember you can always kill more flies with honey than with vinegar!
  9. This is real bad PR this close to the big show. We all need to reflect on this customer no service issue as it pretains our LCO business.

    8k is a lot to spend for a machine the cuts poorly esp. when you can
    buy a Toro with a 62" deck and a 23hp engine for about $6600. The toro deck design uses less HP than many other brands so a 23hp is fine.

    Another issue I have with ferris is they hook the hourmeter up to the
    PTO. What if you are using an electric spreader or pulling an aerator?
    Do these engine hours not count?
  10. mowingmachine

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    Call the Ferris company. The dealer isn't going to do much for you or probably even know why the machine isn't mowing right. Maybe it is just your machine and it is a simple fix. If Ferris is a good company they will go out of their way to solve you problem. You should never be afraid to call the original manufacturer. They will do just about anything to save face sometimes. Just a thought.


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