Ferris mowers looked to be the best at trade show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brandy, Jan 25, 2001.

  1. brandy

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    Went to the baltamore trade show today and looked at all the commercial mowers. The Ferrris looked to me to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Built like a tank, fast, good warrenty, and nice cut. Also it looks as if they are moving in the right direction as a company. The rep was excelent and didn't mind spending time with me and even asking me questions about what I liked about the machine and what I didn't. I jumped up and down on the back side of the machine and the deck didn't move only the frame and seat!!I wondered about scalping with this machine because of the suspension. Dixie chopper rep was not real with it may one too many beers or tired form last nights partying!!!The new chopper with the honda engine and the big wheels looks promising! 7800 dollars for this machine and rep said 13 miles an hour with regular pumps!!!
  2. HOMER

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    There ya go!

    And that should be your final answer.
  3. jeffex

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    I went to the show today and I looked at the ferris
    also. I demoed a DERBY z rider which is a homeowner
    version of the same thing in the fall and the ride
    is smooth. I don't currently own a z rider so I
    can't compare the ride to Dixie or ex-mark. I know
    many here at lawn site rave over the dixie choppers
    but man they are ugly!!! theylook like they were
    made in some garage. I know I know don't flood
    me with hate e-mail looks arent everything!!!
    when I get a z rider I will probably get a ex-mark
    lazer hp for the size lawns I have. If i get larger
    properties I will go for larger deck. all my equip.
    is red and black now so it helps with image to keep
    the same.
  4. Mark

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    Have never seen the Ferris cut. But have several Choppers around in fact,One of my Appts complex is on springs valley rd. I cut Springs Valley, and right across the road from me are the Timbers Apts the Dixies cut there. We usually see each other every week. They do fly around 13mph, But im going 9.5mph on my Toro Z-Master but there cut is in no way better than mine, ive told them about double blades and they think im crazy. Really told me that i was stupid to even think of such a thing, would destroy there spindel bearings and all kind of nutty things, I use a 52 walkbehind on some of my grass and have double blades. But they did say the cut was awsome. Marks Mowing Service
  5. fdew

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  6. jordanlawnsrvc

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    I also looked at the Ferris and agree with everything brandy said. Great distributor representation too. It's making me think twice about a new Lazer. I actually stopped on the way home at the Ferris dealer in Hagerstown and took it for a ride and talked prices. IS3000Z 25/61 @$7750 without dickering yet. Outstanding 2yr warranty. The rep at the show said they're coming out with a spindle driven bagger next fall or spring and that it was going to be heavier duty on the bags and supports than Exmark to prevent failure of the support system due to the weight. I have no idea how it cuts and the dealer is twenty minutes farther than Exmark though. Appareantly there are people close by that are using them that I can check with. I've checked the posts. Some like the cut, some don't. I'd appreciate some new comments on Ferris ZTRs.

    Sorry, choppers do cut good, but they're just too fugly for me.
  7. Richard Martin

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    I was at the same show on Wednesday. When you take the Ferris and put it beside the Dixie there really is no comparison. If you take away the IS there is nothing on the Ferris that is better than the Dixie. The Dixie has Quad Loop hydraulics, engine oil cooler, hydraulic fluid cooler, the steering pumps are connected together so that you don't get the "pull this way, pull that way" effect, a Donaldson precleaner, Amsoil bypass oil filter, Chevrolet wheel bearings on the front casters, a huge variety of engines, lifetime warranty on the frame and deck against cracking, they are hand built and every last one of them is started up and run up hill at the factory. There are other things but this should be enough to get you started. The stainless steel body of the Dixie may be fugly but are you buying a mower to last a long time or are you buying it because it's pretty?
  8. Green Finger

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    I went to the show on Wednesday. That was my first time ever seeing a dixie chopper. What I got from the rep was the machine is for performance only.

    If you want a serious machine without the fancy, dancy things. Go with DC. He made some good points. Like it only has two safeties which is kinda good.

    A friend of mine has a laser and one of the safeties went bad. It cost him two days work and they had to tear down the whole machine to try and trouble shoot to find the problem.

    With the DC you don't have it. It doesn't have my total vote, but I guess it's a ok machine.
  9. born2mow2001

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    i've used ferris for years and i don't think they can be beat for reliabilty. i've made more money off of my ferris's than any other piece of equipment. i've had toro,scag and bolen and for midsize walk behind mowers i don't think ferris can be beat.

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