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ferris mower's


LawnSite Member
30286 georgia
does any one know any thing about these mower's,,, how well do these mower's hold up? i have heard that the hydro's don't hold well,,, but, i've,not talked to anyone that has used this mower,, i went to a dealer-ship and saw their products 1st hand,, they looked well built, and they have shocks on each corner to give it a better ride, but that is all i know about them,,, how do they cut,,, is it even? i've talked to other people they said that parts are hard to get,,,,


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Cleveland, OH
I have the is1500 48/21. Machine is awesome. Very well built machine. Cuts is pretty good. Obviously it is not going to shine in wet high grass. I have about 200 hours on it. Good overall machine. I got a good deal on it too which i could not pass up. 5300 out the door. Do a search , recently alot of guys were asking questions about them.


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Clinton, NJ
PM me with all your questions.

I have had over 20 Ferris machines in the last 14 years. I field tested the prototype for the 5000 series and last year field tested the 2000 series for 7 weeks for Turf Magazine. My report was written up in their September 06 issue.