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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pzsaul, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. pzsaul

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    Hey guys
    I am not a landscaper just a guy who has 5 acres to mow and it is bumpy but flat and want to get a Zero turn that cuts good but also does not beat up on my bad back. I was looking at the Ferris 3000 or 4000 series and want to know if any of you has used their equipment? The suspension system makes alot of sense but is it a good machine. I talked to a local city grounds guy and he is the one who told me to look at. Any input would help.
    Thanks Dave
  2. seb442

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    I bought the IS 3000 with Kohler 27hp a 5 weeks ago. I have 7 acres to mow. Can do it all at a medium speed in just under 2.5 hours. I have no complaints about anything at this point. Tried several different brand and chose the Ferris because it does have a much smoother ride. Talked with a mechanic who did commercial lann care for 3 years and he told me That Ferris was one of his top 3 choices in a zero turn. His only complaint was the enging compartment was a little to tight (small). The ride was what sold me.
  3. rodfather

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    We've owned like 15 or so Ferris machines over the past 10 years. You can send me a PM or email me at rspronck@aol.com if you have any specific questons regarding Ferris.
  4. BobR

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    Don't rule out smaller machines (size & weight), I use a Xmark HP 23hp 52" deck and originally was being beat up by a couple properties that were flat but bumpy, my dealer suggested an inexpensive suspension package for my seat ($200) and it made a world of difference (you have to sit ON it not IN it). Not trying to push any thing on you just pointing out that there are other options than buying a machine with "IS" and number one is a dealer who will service what he sells.

    Good Luck
  5. pzsaul

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    from Mi
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    Thanks Bob, I was looking at the Exmark also, but I agree that I need to compare everything including service. I figure anything has got to be better then a lawn tractor. But everyone talks about blade speed and spindle quality. I have farm grass so striping is not what I am looking for. Good cut and comfort.
    Thanks Dave
  6. primecutmo

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    hey my ferris is 3000zx is awesome. i used a rigid ztr untill 2 weeks ago and then i got the ferris. i have never seen a better cut. the bagger that ferris makes works well also. the last ztr that i had was equiped with a suspension seat. let me tell you it does not even compare with the ride that the ferris has. go with the ferris you will not be unhappy. pm me if you have questions
  7. LwnmwrMan22

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    I've got 2 Ferris IS 4000. If you're looking to get rid of bumps, you can talk suspension seats all you want. If you're looking to save your back, use your head and think ........ "suspension seat" ..... "full independent suspension".

    Then when you're done contemplating that, think..... "1975 3/4 ton pickup ride" ..... "2004 3/4 ton pickup ride".

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