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ferris or gravely walkbehind?


LawnSite Senior Member
I was planning to purchase a 32" Gravely pro steer gear driven mower in the next few days when I ran across the Ferris hydrowalk 32 today at another dealer. I tried to Ferris in his parking lot, but i'm not sure I like the single hydro. I do some mowing on hills and I'm afraid I may have turning problems as it seemed I had to physically turn the machine myself. The advantage is that the Ferris is only $300 more than the gear driven Gravely. I did a search but didn't really find too much on the hydrowalk. Any input would be appreciated from anyone who has used either of these mowers. I would prefer everyone stick to these two particular mower brands when responding. Thanks!


LawnSite Member
Dallas, Ga
I have a single hydro Ferris (36") and it does take some finesse to turn on a hill w/out tearing up the turf but it can be mastered, You can set up the disc brakes exactly as you need them-They're a little loose from the factory. Never ran a Gravely