ferris or toro walk behind?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scottt, May 1, 2000.

  1. scottt

    scottt LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm been mowing for quite a few years with a 21" honda, but I want something larger to save time and get larger accounts. I've been looking at a Toro 37" and a Ferris 36". I used a 36" Toro with a fixed deck and had problems with scalping on bumpy lawns and on small hills. I had to go slow on small bumps or it would scalp. Was I doing something wrong or do all fixed deck mowers do this? The Toro I am looking at has a floating deck. I can get the Ferris with a hydrostat cheaper than the Toro with gear drive. Which is a better machine for the money and will I always have problems with scalping on bumpy lawns? Any response would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Lawnnorder

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    Scott: I have been using a 36" Ferris for five years now. Exceptional reliability and very easy to use. I have had no problems with it at all and usually starts first pull. Cut down on my cutting time by one half. A little more money but a lot more value.
  3. scott korczynski

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    Go with the toro. I have a 44" floating gear drive and love it.
  4. Getmow

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    Scott, as far as walk behinds go I use Toro. I have had 12.5 kawi with 52 " deck(sold after 5 years) and now have 2 44" 14 and 15hp and a 37"14hp. They are reliable and easy to operate and maitain.
  5. steveee

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    i'd go with a ferris
  6. MOW ED

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    It only matters to you. Have the dealer set you up with a demo unit for a day. Take into account warranty and service its worth plenty. You make the call - your the one cutting with it. BTW I love my Toro 15hp 44" hydro.Good Luck.

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