Ferris owners I need some advice !!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassfarmer, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. grassfarmer

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    Hey guys , I stopped into my ferris dealer the other day cause i have been looking for a 48 inch zero turn. Cause i bought a 61 inch off of them 2 years ago. And it is a little to big to get into smaller yards. So anyway I went in and talked to a salesman i know pretty good and anyway. He went out and showed me a 2002 Ferris 1000z 21 hp kaw. 48 inch cut w/ 30 hours on it. He said it had never been owned the dealer has owned it and demoed it when it was new. He said he wanted $ 4,900 for it. So I said that sounds pretty good. He says well why dont you take it home and run it for a few days and tell me if you like it or not. So this week I ran it on my smaller lawns and really like it. I put 10 hours on it this week. You guys think this is a good deal. This one doesnt have the spring sespention on it like the 03 models do. but it still rides pretty good for what i am doing with it on smaller lawns with tight spaces. Let me know what you guys think . thanks in advance
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    That sounds like a good deal to me. I had one just like that at the begining of last summer. I sold it so I could buy my 61" because of some large properties that I do. I just bought a Walker to do my small properties because just about everyone is wanting them bagged. It is really hard to sell people on mulching around here so I gave up and started charging for bagging. It is working great for me and business is really picking up. Good luck on your decision, I hope it works well for you. BTW, I have 2 friends that have the 48" Ferris and they have both put the Exmark mulch kit on them. They say it bolts right up and does a real good job.
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    I wouldn't consider it the "deal of the century", but it's ok.

    Is the dealer going to give you a warantee with it? BTW, we've had like 15 Ferris machines during the past 9 years and find them extremely reliable units.
  4. johnhenry

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    Ferris are great machines but I am not really fond of the 1000.I really dont think he is giving you that much off in price.If it was me I would keep the 61 inch and look at the ferris wb in the 48 inch class.They make a great wb and then you have the best of both worlds
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    Hey, Looking at the new 2004 1000Z for home use, any thoughts on how the machine has been, and reliability?
    Price of $6500 with power bagger? how does that sound

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