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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bluemoon, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. bluemoon

    bluemoon LawnSite Member
    from Kansas
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    Anyone seen or demo'd the Ferris rear discharge deck?
    I like the idea. Have only seen Ferris in magazines, looks like a good machine.
  2. pinnacle

    pinnacle LawnSite Senior Member
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    How big's the discharge shute on the Ferris?

    Sounds intresting!
  3. bluemoon

    bluemoon LawnSite Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 114

    Not sure of opening, was hoping someone here would know of details.
    Only thing I know it says it comes on 61" and 72" decks.
    There is a picture in the Turf central (Dec. 03) magazine.
  4. Expert Lawns

    Expert Lawns LawnSite Silver Member
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    I saw the ad for it in Turf. How exactly does it work??
  5. bayfish

    bayfish LawnSite Senior Member
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    Rear discharge is a nice concept, but I understand they are subject to clumping.
  6. FrankenScagMachines

    FrankenScagMachines LawnSite Platinum Member
    from IN
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    Rear discharge has been around for decades on lawn and garden tractors. The first garden tractor rotary mower decks were rear discharge. A couple of the manufacturer’s still offer rear discharge decks, I know for a fact that Wheel Horse has always had a rear discharge model and I’m not sure but if Simplicity does too. I know Simplicity and John Deere make rear discharge decks that go to a rear bagging hopper but I don’t know for sure if these can be made to just discharge the clippings. My uncle actually has a mid 90’s Wheel Horse with a 42” rear discharge deck (3 blade) and says it doesn’t clump as bad as my grandma’s 42” 3 blade side discharge wheel horse (which clumps easy but he says his doesn’t clump hardly at all) I am very sure this varies greatly depending on blade speed and type and deck design, etc.
    I’ve often thought a rear discharge deck would be awesome on a zero turn because of the dual trim sides, but it might be alittle difficult to design bagging systems for it (but not impossible) you just can’t use any old Peco setup or anything that was made for side discharge decks. This means if they made a bagging setup for it you would only have that option from Ferris whether you like it or not.
    Also, you couldn’t mow grass in reverse very well because all of the clippings would pile up and have no where to go. I mean like backing up for more than a few feet, I doubt this would affect very many people (as side discharge decks do this a little bit anyway). Just something to think about. On the other hand, this might be handy for grinding leaves. Just back over leaves and they go right into the deck and get shred up and won’t get discharged because of all the incoming leaves and the fact that you’re going in reverse.
    I like the idea and would like to try one out, again my main concern is using a collection system with it- if such a system is designed it would probably only be one design at least for a year or two, and would only be offered by Ferris ( $$$ and you may not like it but have no option).
    Also the idea sounds good for on a walk behind for use in smaller areas where you don’t want to throw clippings sideways but where it’s too tall/wet to mulch, however that would not work because it would throw all the debris onto the operator :(

    If anyone tries one of these machines please post the info for us all. Thanks.
  7. Critical Care

    Critical Care LawnSite Bronze Member
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    There are other companies that offer rear-discharging mowers. I tend to think that they are emulating the Walker GHS machine. As a matter of fact, they look very similar in appearance except for color. Besides the Walker there is the Bobcat ZT-125, the Toro Z350, and the Scags Cougar.

    I've used the Walker EFI model but would love to test drive these others. As far as clogging up, uh huh, I think that any mower will clog up given certain conditions. You gotta keep the deck clean. And, yes, with these mowers it's nice to be able to mow edges clockwise or counter-clockwise. For a couple years I used a Toro 44" walk-behind and with it's bag attached it was 66" wide... that's 22" sticking out to the side. The Walker with a larger deck could fit in areas that the walk-behind couldn't with a smaller deck.

    As far as I could tell, collecting grass while in reverse always worked as good as going forward.
  8. DanG

    DanG LawnSite Member
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    There's been rear discharge ZTR's for a long time.

    Hustlers 251 and 260 series mowers were all rear discharge and had the option of a bagger that slid in between the rear tires and held 10 bushels of clippings.

  9. Evan528

    Evan528 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Gravley also use to offer a 40 inch walk behind with a rear discharging deck.
  10. vipermanz

    vipermanz LawnSite Bronze Member
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    my neighbor behind me had (might still have) a simplicity with a rear discharge, did a good job on grass but didn't really even mulch leaves at all

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