Ferris scalping problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Zoomy, Nov 22, 2017.

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    i just bought a new Ferris IS2100 with a 61” deck and have a problem with scalping when cutting in reverse or going backwards while turning. I am forced to raise the deck higher to help avoid this from happening. The deck does not come with anti scalp wheels on the back of the deck ansonder if this is the problem. I first encountered this when I came off a sidewalk and down a moderate hill. Forward went fine but I backed straight up so I could cut again closer to a wall. Well the mower scalped full width as the drive tires rolled up on the concrete. Does anyone have any ideas on what’s going on? Should I add anti scalp wheels to the back of the deck.
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    Take it back to the dealer and have him fix it.....
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    What you are describing is a trait of a Ferris mower.
    The suspension works well going forward. When you initially back up for a "J" turn the front suspension "dives" and allows the deck to slightly scalp. Anti scalp wheels on the back of the deck will not help as the deck would still drop slightly, remember the deck wheels do not engage the ground.

    After about 3000 hrs with these mowers I have found the way to mitigate or eliminate the scalping is when turning do not initially jamb the levers in full reverse. Start slower and then move the levers farther.
    The Ferris suspension is unrivaled and is much easier on the operator!!
    I hope this helps you!!
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  4. Zoomy

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    Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense. I also noticed the suspension is set to the softest setting. I will try toa harder setting to see if that helps.
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    Especially with the 60 incher and a leaf vac/grass catcher, it runs like wrestling a fat lady on a water bed.

    Stiffen the springs up, 1) to offset the deck weight 2) to offset a leaf vac
    3) possibly to custom adjust to your specific terrain

    Dealers should be better trained about the suspension so they can inform the customer
    I don’t think a lot of people know the shocks are adjustable for stiffness either
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    Is this from personal experience or something you’ve been told? :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    Can you adjust the stiffness and the preload( operating weight) all in the same system. Basically you would load up the spring, which would be your pre-load.. or starting pressure/weight rating.. then the shock will adjust how fast it will let that shock absorb and then release..(rebound). So.. increase weight on the machine.. stiffen up the springs and maybe slow down the shock and rebound. Not sure if you can adjust all that, but you can on a mountain bike.
    I do much prefer the srs shock and spring system for the stander platform than scag’s Just two spring set up.

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