Ferris suspension and mulch kit

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Joel B., Sep 19, 2002.

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    Have been reading some older posts about the Ferris suspension and wanted to get some current opinions of the IS1000Z. Does the front suspension help very much or do you really need the rear suspension to feel a difference?

    Also, my dealer tells me that Ferris doesn't have a mulch kit for grass, only one for leaves that doesn't do a very good job on grass. Has Ferris come out with a good mulch kit for grass?

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    Joel B.
  2. Cut 2 Please

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    I have never tried the IS1000. I can tell you that the rear suspension on the IS 3000 works great. Ferris offers a block off plate for all 3 decks; 48", 52", and 61" but only offers a mulch kit for the 48" deck I believe. I have the mulch kit on my 48" Ferris WB and it does a great job. I have the mulch plate on my 61" and it does ok. They do not offer a full mulch kit. However they have just come out with some new mulch blades for there mowers but I have not tried them yet. I am trying to design something of my own in the way of a mulch kit for my 61. I was told the IS 1000 is only available right now with the 52" deck. If they still have the incentives on the 2002 3000 you should seriously consider one. The price differance in the IS 1000 and IS 3000 is not that much with the incentives. Also the 3000 is excellent on hills.

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