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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stripem67, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. stripem67

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    Looking to buy a 52" Hydro Walk Behind. Have narrowed my choices down to Ferris and Exmark. Scagg is overpriced for my use. Most of my cutting will be personal lawn, 1 acre. (yes i want a walk behind) Has anyone used both mowers? Is one built better than the other? Does one machine cut/stripe better than the other? After talking to several dealers (most have a biased opinion of course) most recommended Exmark. Some even said buy anything but a Ferris! There aren't many Ferris dealers in my area, so I don't think people know much about the machines. Is 15hp enough or do I need 17hp? Which machine is more maneuverable? The wheels on the Ferris are almost as wide as the deck. I have lots of flower beds to cut around. I'd like to hear opinions from people who use these machines everyday, rather than those who make money selling them. Thanks for the input.
  2. KathysLGC

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    I have experience with both machines but in the 48" decks. 15hp is enough for a 48" but for a 52 you want nothing less then a 17hp. You'll hear many people say you need something like a 20hp for a 52 but if all your doing is cutting grass, a 17 will be fine. It's the torque not the hp that counts. Dealer support means a lot. If you had both dealers near you I would say go with the Ferris. I'd have to say both cut equal. I like the hydro set up on the Ferris better. The Ferris has more of a ZTR feel then just a WB.
  3. johnnyusa

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    Don't know much about ferris. I've had both exmark and Scag. Exmark in my opinion gives a much nicer cut. I also like the ecs handles better than pistol grips. I bought a 52" exmark tthp w/19hp, couldn't be happier.) You might also want to look at gravely. ( they are less money and seem just as nice as the others if not better.)

    RICHIE K LawnSite Senior Member
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    Go with GRAVELY thats all we use and we been using them for years. There great :blob3:


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  5. snap12.5

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    i have been looking at w/b exmarks, w/b ferris, as well as the wright standers and this is what i have found so far. the exmark is probably the worst striper i have seen. after mowing all u see is the tire marks and not an entire true stripe. maybe it was the type of grass i was mowing or something else. regardless, u can build a striping kit for it if u want to go through the trouble. ferris stripes a lot better. i have found in this area that ferris are $600 cheaper than the same exmark w/b. however ferris still has the older style pistol grips but to me that doesnt matter.

    there are some pics of ferris w/b stripes in the picture section u should check out. i think it is under "different striping patterns"
  6. GrassHogs

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    I've had experience w/ almost every brand of mower out there and scag is by far the best mower there is. But if your choosing between exmark and ferris, ferris is a much better choice. I just wasnt pleased at all w/ the performance of an exmark. The stripes that a ferrismower produces is awesome. If you want to see some pics of what a ferris can do take a look at some of threads I've posted. It would also be wise to get the 23 hp motor, as you may not think you will need it, but you regret it if you dont.
  7. Artistic Lawns

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    15 HP is NOT enough power for a dual hydro mower!

    Go with 17 HP minimum.
  8. lwcmattlifter

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    I have used both Exmark and Scagg. Unfortunately, I have never used a Ferris. There are not any dealers that close to me. Both the Exmark and Scagg have excellent cut quality. I just purchased another Exmark, a TTHP 52" 17 kaw last month. I went with the Exmark because the ECS controls were much more comfortable that pistols especially when on a velke. The 17 hp engine has more than enough power but I think a 15 would be a little lacking on a 52" deck, even more so if you put a velke on it. With the Exmark I don't think you can get a 15 on a 52" deck.
  9. KathysLGC

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    My 48" Ferris DD had a 14hp Kawi on it and I had no issues with lack of power. I don't understand why every one is hell bent on excess power.
  10. stripem67

    stripem67 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, I agree. I had a 52" Scagg Dual Hydro with a 14hp kawa (about 12yrs old) and never had an issue. The new kawasakis are more powerful so a 15hp should be plenty. Thanks for your input!

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