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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jcoat, Mar 5, 2001.

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    I did a search and found nothing so here goes... I received information regarding the Ferris machines last weekend and liked what I saw in the 36" Hydro- w/b. Their propaganda stated the design has gone virtually unchanged since they began selling it in the mid-80s, so I'm guessing "ain't broke, so don't have to fix it." I called my local dealer and found they charge $2850. Good or bad price? Compared to others would I be better off going w/ Hustler/Exmark/Toro. I mention these 'cause they are the only other ones I am considering. @ this point, it's price; however, I really like the motorgrips on the Hustler.
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    Ferris makes 2 kinds of hydro walk-behinds. A conventional wheel motor hydro like everyone else makes and a transaxle hydro that I suspect you got a price for.

    I had a Woods CM 36 that was built using Ferris blueprints and it was bulletproof. Ferris built the first hydro walks on the market using this same design. It is not quite as manuverable as a conventional design though. If this is your first mower it would be a fine place to start.

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