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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by padlock, Mar 23, 2002.

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    Does anyone have recent experience with a Ferris Hydro Walkbehind? I am faimiliar with most machines (Exmark, Bob-Cat, SCAG), but have never operated a Ferris and don't know wnyaone who has. Any feedback on performance, price, relaibility, etc. would be great.


  2. the point man

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    I demo'd a slightly used 52" with a 17 hp Kaw and I was really
    impressed with the quality of the machine. This thing was
    almost unstoppable in very heavy, wet grass. I've read many
    posts re: Ferris mowers. Most owners really like their machines
    and some have had problems and lousy dealer service. You
    can pretty accurately apply that last sentance to any brand of
    mower. One thing I've learned from this site is that quality
    between brands varies little and that dealer availability and
    support is the crucial issue when buying a mower.
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    I've got several Ferris walkers, all single drive hydros. The reliability has been very good. Two of these units I bought new the other used. All of them have served me well. The design was the focal point for my reason in buying Ferris. Simple design, easy to use, easy to adjust, quality construction and affordable. Dealer service and quality repair are also factors in purchase. To each their own, but these were my reasons for Ferris ownership. ;)

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