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  1. rochester

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    I tried finding a reference guide for used mower prices kinda like a blue book but I havent been able to, so here is my question. I want to know what you guys think of Ferris mowers ? Also, does this sound like a good deal: 48" Ferris hydro walk behind with a 14 hp Kholer pro motor. The machine is very well maintained ( the guy is a fanatic about maint. ) the unit has 700 hrs on it and the price is $1500
  2. leaflawnandlimb

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    Is it a single or dual drive hydro? How old? The Outdoor Power Equipment Blue Book by Intertec says that a 1996 ferris dd48ke (dual drive) has a trade value of 1300-1700 and a 1997 hw48k (hydro-walk or single hydro) is 1020-1330. hope this helped
  3. nysnowman

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    I'd be careful about kohlers.Im sure you have heard of Pittsford Power Equipment.Thats where I bought my Ferris.They told me Kholers were not that great of an engine.Id look for something with a Kawasaki motor.Just my 2 cents.
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    The biggest problem Kohler had was with the 25 hp engine. It had head gasket problems, but the smaller Kohlers have been as good as any engine. I've had great luck with Kohlers and still have one with over 3200 hours. Only repairs I've had done was the intake manifold gasket and modules. The most I have spent on it was under $150 which is around 4.5 cents an hour for motor repair.
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    I would have to agree with eric about the 25 kohlers. Had a ransome 36 with a 14 kohler no problem. Had 2 ransome z's with 25 kohlers - dogs.

    The price seems a little high for that many hours. I picked up a 36" ferris hydro with 20 hours - one year old - sweet condition with a kawaski on it for $1600.00 from a dealer in town who took it in as a trade in. Sold a very old ransome the day before for 600.00. Ended up with 1,000.00 into it. It was a good day of trading.
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    Pittsford Power Equipment is a good dealer. Depending on where you are located you might also want to check
    C & B Small Engine
    7600 E. Main St.
    Rte. 5 & 20
    Lima, NY   14485
    (716) 624-5955

    His prices are quite good.


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