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ferrous sulfate

trying 2b organic

LawnSite Senior Member
Just bought some of this stuff for moss. Its 20 % ferrous sulfate wettable powder for treating moss. Came in a paper bag that got wet. I put it in front of the space heater while I worked in the garage and now I feel sick. There is no label for use. The supplier told me how to mix it (1lb in 10 Litres of warm water)

Thats all good, but can u tell me what kind of precations I have to take with this stuff. Ill wear gloves but should I have a resporator, im sure they would have told me if it was dangerous but when I breath in I get a bad chemical taste in my mouth.

Help and experience with this product appreciated.
trying 2b organic

trying 2b organic

LawnSite Senior Member
btw, I dont have a licence, This is sold to me as a fertilzer and is on the exempted list up here in Canada. Greens up the grass while it kills moss. Huge issue Pacific Northwest rainforest area.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Stratford, CT
I'm not sure about Canadian law, but here in the states, applying even a fertilizer with the intent of killing something requires a license.

Here's a link to our website at the page tp ous 20% Iron Sulfate. Over on the right is the MSDS & Label links.


If you're still feeling ill & require medical help, this MSDS is better than nothing.

For the record, Iron Sulfate is sold in drug stores for internal use as an iron supplement. But DON'T eat the ag versions. The processing standards are quite different.
trying 2b organic

trying 2b organic

LawnSite Senior Member
ty very much for the info.

I apply ferrous sulfate as a fertilizer to green the grass- possible side effect, it kills moss

I apply corn gluten meal as an excellent source of organic nitrogen-- possible side effect, less weeds.

Also we have an exempted list to promote the commercial use of safer alternatives to traditional pesticides. No licence required.

There is still nothing as effective as Par 3 or the like and if people want that I am happy to refer them to a licenced pro.


LawnSite Silver Member
Is 30% Ferris sulfate strong enough for moss control or eradication? I have been looking for 100% or close and have found none yet locally and by the time I am done paying shipping It will be way to much.


LawnSite Member
Northwest WA
We use Crown Tech, out of Canada. Just pick it up at the local farm co-op. I don't know the percentage, but mix it 1lb per gallon or so (I put it down 3lbs per 1000sqft) and I get really good control. You're always going to have issues with thick stands, but mix it much higher than that and the entire lawns turn black unless you're getting plenty of rain.