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    We have a commercial account that now wants a price in fert/aerating. This was not in our contract. Could you tell us how you come up with a price for this. Do you know if the fert can be bought in bulk. This property is about 6 acres. Is liquid fert better or not?<br>Thanks,<br>Terri
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    I charge $24.00 per 1000 sf., so it would be around $6,260.00. That is based on fescue/K31 prices, more expensive seed would change the charges a little. You may want to offer a slight discount, it up to you. Remember, nearly $2000.00 will be in expenses, liquid fert will save you a little $$, but granular would be faster to apply on this amount of land and is what I would do.<p>Ray
  3. I would get $2k for the job. With my equipment I could do the job in less than 10 man hours and the material cost will be about<br>$180 using 32-5-7 50% slow release.
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    Sorry, I thought it said seed also. I would charge $12.00 per 1000sf. The fert. cost here would be around $280.00 (each bag covering 13,500 sf, 20 bags at $14.00 a bag)<p>Ray
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    Think about subing it out to a fert. company.(chemlawn,lawn dr.) You will still have control over the lawn and they will be doing the work for you. Add 5-10% to there price. I've done this before-it works!
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    I charge double what you get to mow the property to areate it plus $30 for flagging heads on the first 10 sprinkler zones.The fert should be done by a licensed professional. Just tack on 10% to the fert bill for your trouble.

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