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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by inzane, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. inzane

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    I was at the JDL the other day. for me It will be $28.00 per bag for a high nitrogen slow release. thinking about just going to tractor supply by my house to get fert this year,its about the same price, except i save on gas. they got 24-0-4 slow release http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/groundworkreg;-24-0-4-fertilizer-lawn-feed-50-lb

    I used store brand fert on the few yards i did last year, and it turned out great. any other options? $28.00 sounds high?? but i guess thats just the prices these days. I can't buy in bulk, no need to yet. I am gonna have a hard time being competitive with my pricing on apps, so doubtful that i'll pick up much more work for chem apps anyway.

    they did sell me 1 gallon of resloute 4fl for $140.00 and 2.5 gals of three-way for 80. I just can't afford dimension this year, i used it some, but its to high. i've been getting them to come of the price when i find it online cheaper, then they fix it for me.
  2. jbturf

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    you need to get a label for that product to compare to the jdl product
  3. Turf Dawg

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    I agree. You might be comparing apples and oranges here. Not saying the Tractor Supply stuff is bad but the JDL could be much better. The JDL one might be 50% or higher slow release and could have Iron and Sulfur. Also if it is a higher nitrogen content it would do more sq footage. It could even be part A.S. and Urea with Uflexx.

    Then again they could be pretty close to the same so that will make that decision easier for you.
  4. Smallaxe

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    Just for something to think about,,, I buy cheap bags of box store fert and use it at the correct time, in the correct amount, anticipating very little N loss due to volatization/leeching and it amounts to about 1/2 what , the Big Boys apply... My lawns look better...
    I believe their Pre-m with N, before the grass has had a chance to grow roots in the Spring is a wasted App and the N just before(sometimes DURING) Summer Heat is definately wasted fert, and of course the classic, dumping fert of frozen or partially frozen ground for another waste...
    3 Wasted Apps, and all detrimental to the turf for various reasons... Save costs right there... use some else during those times that you want to charge the client,,, or use so little that it doesn't hurt anything... :)

    Any fert that get N to the roots,,, IS a good Fert... another is not better becuz it ALSO gets N to the roots... They are both the same...
  5. georgialawn88

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    sounds like your fert price is way too high to me
  6. Turf Dawg

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    That might be fine in your area but areas of the country are different. In his area I bet he is dealing with Bermuda and it does not really start growing good until it is 75 at night and 95 in the day. In my area there is no way I am going to get the fert that I want in a box store. Most of them are 250 prill Urea and that is not what I want even if it has iron, because in our high PH the iron would not do much in that mix. Instead when the grass starts growing I want a 200 prill Ammonium Sulfate with sulfur and iron for my St Augustine and Bermuda lawns and I prefer it with Uflexx if I can get it. It cost me but it works wayyyyyy better than just a bag the others grab at the feed store or box store.

    I will agree with you on treating at the wrong times. I just love seeing people buying and putting out fert for the last several weeks while our grasses or still dormant :hammerhead:
  7. inzane

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    i do mostly bermuda and i don't apply N while the turf is dormant, total waste of money. this time last year, it was time. this year same time, not quite time yet.. my lawn was mostly green by this time last year. Still pricing my fert because it won't be long. I have had good luck last year with vigoro fert from HD, 29-0-4 and i've used fert from the ACE hardware by my house.. it was on sale and had gotten a good deal. I'm gonna study the labels on the store brand and compare.. I still think I am getting hosed on the price... lol.

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