Fert and Squirt Set-ups

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by GreenHorizons7, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Maybe I am beating a dead horse--but you need the skid sprayer--because you will use it to refill your ride-on, (as a nurse tank). (With a few modifications for faster fill-ups.)
    Ask Gregson Clark about such modifications. You will also use it for special jobs--for confined areas where the ride-on cannot reach. Also, fungicide, insecticide, nutsedge, Drive on certain days. Depends on your individual situation.

    I think most ride-on operators also carry a small spreader for gated areas, steep areas, pool enclosures, curb strips. This could be a small plastic homeowner model--or maybe a hand crank organ-grinder type. Most of us have a couple one-gal hand sprayers and a backpack, too. Sometimes you can even build a holster or bracket and hang it on your ride-on. (not the backpack).
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    Lol Send me your customers, I'll take care of them until you figure it out. Haha No offense. Def. a ride on spreader/sprayer, a nurse tank, hand spreader, walkbehind......back pack sprayers.....if you want to grow the business, do as much as you can manually, without any fancy equipment, untill you have atleast double the customers, I wouldnt consider spending big money right now.....It can be the downfall of your business.

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