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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by klsgc, Mar 23, 2013.

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    OK for the guys who do fert and squirt primarily, what are you using? What options do we have? I'm looking for options. Here is how I see it
    qxpress-I currently use it and its good for zone based scheduling, routing, invoicing. I love that part of it. Cons-marketing is limited, cant use androids for mobiles, not online based so I have to have it loaded on one machine, I would like to see a better to do or task manager. They also pretty much quit developing it once it got sold.

    Service auto pilot-I almost made the jump last fall but decided to wait until the new version came out and boy am I glad I did. enough said. I do like the online based idea, decently priced for mobiles, excellent to do and ticket system, but just really buggy

    Real green-I don't know much about them other than everyone says Its the bes t out there but terrribly expensive, huge learning curve, and after that I'm lost. I probably need to do more research on them

    Jobber-Seems really clean. Its web based, cheap and runs decent. seems a little basic? I'm not sure it can do zone based scheduling which is a must.

    Lawn aid-Similar to jobber from the little messing around with it I did.

    Gopher-doesn't have mapping and is very basic.

    What else is out there? Maybe I'm really picky but I'm not super excited about any of them. Qxpress is doing the job currently and I would be ok to stay with them but there is so much more out there I want to do and cant with them. Anyone have one created by a developer custom for what you want? I'm sure it would be expensive but then you would get exactly what you want, nothing more, nothing less. Can anyone share experiences with anymore out there I'm missing- good or bad. I just remembered someone on here is using billmaster, cant remember who it was. Maybe they can chime in.
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    I'd be interested in this thread. I'm a mowing(60-60 weekly cuts) and app company(as of round 1 - 105 reg customers and 20 one timers) and currently using quick books and a homemade spreadsheet for apps. It would be nice to have a program to keep up with apps a little better.

    So I could use something but most of what I see is pretty pricey and I don't care to go off for training class to operate it. I might be better off researching something and waiting til winter to make a change when I can have time to learn it.

    Being able to keep reports and expenses on quick books is great for me.
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    I've been looking for something besides gopher, i like the chem app tracking on gopher but its not web based so i got it on one laptop that i carry with me everywhere. I would rather a web based software, i was just trying out jobber and didn't like the chem app add-on for that. is there a demo for billmaster? might be something else to look into, also wondering if anybody has used billmaster?
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    Go try clip software...
    Data entry with a tablet onsite records start and stop Times for jobs etc.
    Rounds and programs for apps
    Employee time cards
    Transfers data to QB or can bill directly from clip
    Preservice notification can be sent via email after a couple of clicks
    Post service notifications after service is performed..
    Scheduling, routing and billing take me small amounts of time for 200 customers..
    Many guys are turned off as they say it doesn't look snazzy, but its features are plentiful and very well thought out
    I've used it for over 13 years
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    I used groundskeeper pro for 5 years for our fert and mowing. This week we are installing real green! I'm super excited. Should make my life super easy. I think it'll save me an hour a day with printing routes, entering charges, and production. But I have to say groundskeeper worked well for me it cost 399.00 and the invoices look professional!
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    Buy it once and buy right to the top. Get real green and be done. Sooner you do it, the better your business will be. We have two copies, one with multi user functionality
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    I had priced out Real Green and by the time I paid for their mobiles in all the trucks and the other support fees it was ridiculous. I only have 5 trucks that would need mobiles. Does anyone pay that reoccurring cost for 10 or 20 trucks for the mobiles?
  10. klsgc

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    I think I'm going to look into having something custom designed for what I want. I know a guy in another service industry that had a really nice job done for under 10k. That way I can get exactly what I want, and nothing more to clutter and complicate things. He also said he only pays to host the site, no other monthly charges unless he has changes made. Looks like its worth looking into anyway.

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