Fert burn or fungus?


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Kalamazoo, MI
Called to a mow customer who does her own apps, asked what this was. Said her daughter did Scott’s weed and feed last week, I imagine granular style. I did see rust and dollar spot in a couple areas also some grass blades with black lesions on it, possibly leaf spot


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Grand Rapids MI
It is in a straight line along the property border--with a slow-down at the first turn.
Looks to be about 19 inches--the spreading width of a typical drop spreader.
How do you say this gracefully and diplomatically?
There is a good chance you will find some fertilizer granules on top of the soil in the worst affected areas.
Just tell her it will grow back when the weather cools off. Maybe it was too hot for the weed and feed appl.


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The holes in the brown turf at the bottom of that 1st pic are indicative of damaging insect activity.
Could be but we will not be able to know for sure unless we’re on the property. Exactly what I am seeing in my yards. I have confirmed all the disease issues with Penn State with sending samples for positive I’d of different diseases.