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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by scagwildcat, Feb 17, 2006.

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    i searched but didnt find any thing close to answer my question, so here it is , i live and operate in Connecticut, i was wondering if anyone in the state of ct. that could help me out, i was wondering if i needed a license to apply fert. that any home owner can buy at the local home depot / like scotts type...
    now, i know that you need to be certified and all, but what is the difference between the home owner applying it and me other then money! im not talking about chemicals like trimec just lawn fert that can be bought at the local home depot/walmart or hardware store.....the reason why i ask , is i wanted to get certified, a friend of mine has been in the business for 16 years, and he never got questioned about being licensed... thanks for your help....
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    In most states you dont need a liscense to apply fertilizer, but if you are going to get into the business your customers will want herbicides and insecticides applied. my advise is get the liscense, you will make more $! just to let you know I have been in the business 21 yrs and have been checked out by the state chemist 4 or 5 times over the years, and if you get caught without a liscense the fine is fairly steep.
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    indyturf is right on the money here! Just because you can buy it at Lowe's or Home Depot doesn't mean that it is just straight fertilizer. In NC you can't apply weed and feed because it is indeed a pesticide. Petty laws I know but that's what you're gonna be faced with. Just go get the license, it's not that difficult and your customer's will like the fact that are you licensed.
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    Get the license. In ohio its $35 for your license and $35 for the business location.

    Took my exam the other night and the hardest part was finding the place :D
  5. befnme

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    exactly ,if you apply any pesticide for profit you need certs.
  6. richallseasons

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    check out ct-clic.com
  7. upidstay

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    You do NOT need a license in CT to apply straight fertilizer. If it has an EPA registration number on the label, you need a license. The CT Supervisory Pesticide license is very hard to get. Supposed to be one of the hardest tests of its kind in the country.
    The difference between you and a homeowner buying it at the hardware store is huge point of argument. Just about half of the pesticides applied on the home lawns in the US are applied by the homeowner, and very very few should be allowed to play with chemicals. We have all seen the results first hand. It is kind of scary how many IQ points a homey loses when it comes to their lawn.
    The bottom line is that if you are applying a pesticide for pay on a lawn that you do not own, you must be operating under a supervisor's license. Alot of guys just sub it out. I would take the prep class for the test. There is one running right now, so you missed it. Check out the DEP website and search supervisors license. This will give you a bunch of info on it. Linda Schmidt at the DEP is very helpful too. Also, check out the CGKA (ct groundskeepers association) website. Dic Tice is the president, and has been doing this sort of work longer than most of us have been alive. He is a good contact person too. Good luck.

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