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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by keifer, Nov 20, 2001.

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    Hey guys this may be a silly question but is there a chart somewhere that explains fert charts like 13 13 13 or 10 5 10 and the different benefits of the numbers thanks for any help you can give.
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  3. Ric

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    Feed back please

    Ok to date their have been 84 people look at this post. Their have been 46 hits on my web site from Lawnsite. Half of the hits have spend 15 minutes to 45 minute on the site and the other half have spend under a minute.

    My question is what did you all think of it??? I said it is not the best, but I am not a unversity either. All commends good or bad accepted. But please explain why, not just it sinks. I know of some mistakes I have to change.

    Your feed back is important to me. Thank you for your replys.
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    Ric, your site is awesome. Have you been able to drum up any business from your site?
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    Site is great, I will go back

    Constructive criticism.........I only spent about 2 minutes there and noticed quite a few misspelled words. They will NOT be caught by your spell check program because they are not misspelled but are the wrong word in the wrong context. The one that sticks out the most is

    Responds instead of response when you are talking about what is fertilizer.

    Sorry, just give it a quick check , you will see it too.
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    Ric it is good read every page. It was not really what i was looking for but what i was looking for may not be out there. Will go back to see if there is any new stuff.
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    Fantastic site. Loads of info on turf grass problems which I always seem to have. I've already bookmarked it and plant to visit often.

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    Wow. Very well done! Great layout and graphics, too. There ARE a few spelling o's, but not too bad. Along with the ones mentioned above, you may also want to change the word "offend" to "often". Looks good!;)
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    Yes I often offend. Even though I don’t mean to. I never could spellll and my English grammar is bad. I do not own a calculator because I don’t need one. I do math in my head with ease. Ever body knows 2+2=5

    Thank you all for the support you have given. I am still hoping that some one might be able to correct some of my scientific errors. I know of a few.


    I am sorry if this does not measure up. How ever it does answer the questions that you posted. It just is not in chart form nor do I think it can be. 13-13-13 in a straight blend fertilizer 10-5-10 is a balanced fertilizer as stated in my website. The first number is nitrogen. The second number is phosphorus. The third number is Potassium. My website not only explains what each element does for plant growth but what the signs of deficiencies are. 4-1-2 ratio has been proven to be effective on most turfs 13-3-13 or a 4-5-5 ratio has been proven to be effective on most ornamentals. However all of this depends on the soil. If you want to apply ¼ lb N on 500 sq ft of turf using 13-13-13 then .25/.13 x .5M= .96 lb to cover that area. I am sorry that I can not open the top of your head and pour in the knowledge. You just have to did for it like I did.
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    Ric,great job with the site.......George asked and I was wondering too.....have you picked up any business from your site...is it worth it?John

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