fert for sea isle?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TClawn, Jul 13, 2004.

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    I have some customers who have seashore paspalum (also known as sea isle) that want a fert program.

    I've never delt very much with seashore and is there any special fertilizer that you have to use on it or is the regular stuff okay.
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    If you want to hire me, I'll make all those decisions for you :D
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    LOL:D :D
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    I have taken classes from Dr Lee Brendt who is Quoted in the article. I took part in an experiment he was conducting. He collected sea water right out of the Gulf of Mexico and used it as irrigation. Interesting enough 1 part sea water to 4 parts fresh water need no fertilizer. while the 5 to 1 mix did. He accounted this as sea water having many nutrients. 1 to 1 water mixes still stayed alive but did not do well. Many of the Golf Course listed in this article are very near me.

    Now while local sod grower are starting to product seashore isle, I think its high demand for salt is not real for home lawn where shrubs are desired. Nowever one day I might try a salt tolerant landscape with Seashore Isles. ( If I don't have to replace it.)
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    wow that site is AWSOME!!! I'm sure it will tell me everything I wanted to know about seashore.


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