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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by joee0914, Dec 17, 2011.

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    there is zero chance of changing anything in this state ever, they will let you talk and discuss it till you are all blue in the face and then it gets passed anyway... every time...

    very frustrating state.

    just went thru a total fiasco with my property taxes in Jackson,
    up 7% year over year- law is now 2% tops, WTF, township even voted it down cannot get an answer from anyone anywhere,
    this state is a mess
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    Rutgers again updated the test date to Feb 2nd.

    Guess they are having some site issues.
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    The more I read about this lawn the more I think we need a lobby for lawn care. I keep going over my sales pitch for next year on how the new law will change things the more I notice stuff.

    1. Construction inspectors visit sites all the time. I never hear about them getting strong armed into fixing stuff. I know they had a hard few years but cleared lots have been sitting for years but we get blamed.

    2. So I know Rutgers has to pay the bill thats ok. But think about it. We all have to pay $25 a year to get re certified every year for a department that doesn't exist.

    3. Why can't operators work under the certified applicator. It sounds to me like they want all operators to get certified?
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    Sure would be nice if when they publish a date they stick to it.
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    Regret being a messenger.......I guess even big RED has issues at times.

    @ Tico: It is only good that EVERY applicator is trained. Accountability is paramount. If folks (Business) actually cared enough to be accountable and just follow simple Best Management Practices and be Educated, we likely would not have these groundwater issues.......

    Fees.......Yep. Welcome to Capitalism. Everyone pays I guess......
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    The NJ Green Industry Council is a lobby that represents the lawn industry (among others) in NJ and has actively been involved in modifying this legislation for years. It has been a long hard struggle and all of the points you made (and many others) were discussed & fought over. The original version of the bill would have been much worse for the industry than what was passed. The new law is part of a comprehensive plan on reducing nutrient overload in our water systems. Water quality is a serious problem that affects all of us.

    Runoff and leaching of nutrients from lawn fertilizers play a minor role in this problem. Most nutrients get into our waters via storm water runoff and soil erosion. Other new State laws were passed in conjunction with the fert law that will address these other sources by improving storm run-off systems and reducing erosion during and after construction.

    It may appear to some that the lawn care industry is being picked on and the new fert. law will dramatically hurt our businesses. I heard the same line of reasoning in the early '80s when the pesticide laws started taking affect. I have seen dramatic growth in the industry and many safer products made available since then. For my part, I think the new fert. law (while it still has some bugs to be worked on) is reasonable and not difficult to deal with.
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    It would be nice if the just combined the Fert Law with the Pesticide license instead of making 2 different licenses. This state is so ass backwards its not even funny. They should start fining the guys putting down stuff with out a license to generate more revenue for the state instead of making us legit guys paying for another license.
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    Exactly xclusive, those ALREADY LICENSED, should just be able to get a stamp or something. You want me to take an additonal class or two, great. I'm all for quality improvement, reducing the footprint, etc., etc., etc., but if nobody is punished for doing it illegally, what's the point?

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