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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MIDWEST25, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. MIDWEST25

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    Anybody know of any fertilizer manufacturers in Missouri,Kansas,Iowa,Illinois,Arkansas,or Oklahoma
  2. teeca

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    are you looking to but direct? there are a number of manufactures, but i think they will send you to a distributor (rep). www.andersonsgolfproducts.com for andersons products (which i use for price 1st, quality 2nd, but still a great product) also www.uhsonline.com for united hort. supply (which is 2nd to none!! if you dont like there prices on fert. atleast buy there MEC-D weedkiller, this stuff kicks a$$) i like the united hort fert because it spreads great! and the results are perfect. i would stay away from simplot, i used there fert for 1 round and i hated the stuff, i had good results, but it was so dusty it got to the point i was totaly pi**ed off at the end of the day. also lesco is good, clean, and spreads good, just a little pricy.
  3. dallen

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    This is a custom manufacturer for the most part. The use a binding granulation or pelletizing process to produce ore-based and organic matter-based fertilizer. Located east-central Illinois. <focusformulations@yahoo.com>
  4. TurfProSTL

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    Helena Chemical Co has a location in KC

    Howard Johnson has a fertilizer plant in Neosho, MO, but I think you need to buy their product through distributors

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