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    We are using a TCS product through Agrium and Green Velvet Sod Farms (they are our local vendor).

    This pricing even incluses April or July terms. So not only is that the fert that is carrying me for 4-6 months.

    We are running 2.7#/k of 25-0-5 20%XCU - with biosolids for our spring and fall round we are running 3#/k of 25-0-02 with no slow for our winterizer

    Our cost per K has dropped huge and we are not putting down near the N we used to and getting better results!

    The Bio is just giving us better health and I believe a much slower feed.

    You need to check other suppliers as the ones you are using may be taking advantage of you. BUT...if you are only using 80 bags a round and CAN find a product $3 cheaper and have to drive to china to get it $240 may not be enough savings.

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    What percentage of the nitrogen is bio? What is the source of it?

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