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Hope everyone is staying warm out there. I have been subbing all my fert out to tru green up until this point due to not seeing enough profit or having the time to mess with it. So with this being said this is no longer gonna work because my customers are far from happy with all the the phone calls begging for more money and so on...... Now I have to step up and take care of them. My question is I am planning on 5 apps starting with two split pre emergence/fert apps, early and late spring and so on. If any one runs a similar program I would like to hear the results and also if any one has any advice on a successful program it would be greatly appreciated. Located N.C all fescue.


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Run an early spring pre-emergent
Broadleaf (spray it, granules don't work besides dandelion)
Broadleaf Again
Early Fall Feeding
Late Fall Feeding

that's what I do. works pretty good. you want to do at least two broadleafs I've found.


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I either do 6 apps or 8 depending on what the customer wants. Unless I seeded I will always put down weed&feed opposed to straight fertilizer. Start with a pre-emergent crabgrass treatment and when the dandelions start popping up spray them.


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Wake Forest, NC
Where in NC are you located? I do the 5 step program and have good success. Granular pre-emergent and spray broafleaf. Be sure you have pesticide license, NC requires one