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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PTSolutions, Jul 2, 2008.

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    hey guys, as you've noticed from my other threads, I am just starting to get more invested in the fertilizing part of the business, got my license and a good spreader. I just wanted to show you what products i use in my 5 step program that is the bulk of my residential sales. mostly in northern ohio, so our grasses are cut at 3-3.5" during spring and 3.5-3.75" in the summer. Is this a good program? anything i should tweak or tips you pros have? this is spread with an Earthway C24HDS.

    Step 1:
    20-4-4 + .86 Team Pro at 20% PCSU, Pre-Emergent
    applied between March 15 andMay 1

    Step 2:
    20-0-5 + Trimec, Weed n' Feed
    applied between May 1 and July 1

    Step 3:
    22-3-5 with Mach II, Insect Control
    applied between May 1 and July 1

    Step 4:
    34-2-6 at 50% SCU, summer fert
    applied between July 1 and Sept. 1

    Step 5:
    27-5-10 at 33% SCU, fall fert
    applied between Sept 1 and Nov. 15

    Starter fert i use on seedings: 10-20-26
    Pre-Emergent i use for one time apps and beds: 5-15-15 with Gallery and Team

    what do you guys think of this? should i change anything or add?
  2. grassguy_

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    Would opt for Dimension over Team product for this area, have used Team but dimension has given better results with its flexability. Not sure whether you are using a granular W&F or if you are using liquid for weed control. Would use liquid if capable, and have it incorporated with your Step #5 for sure. Good Luck, PM if you'd like to discuss more.
  3. Runner

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    looks good for a joe homeowner store bought, standard, middle of the road, mediocre, retainer program.
  4. bug-guy

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    isn't that alot of N
    how many #'s of N are you appling per app
    down here summer fert is like 9-0-24 covers 12,000 ft sq
  5. PTSolutions

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    unfortunately thats all the majority of people around here are willing to pay for. They think TruGreen is primo stuff and for only $35 an application. Ive gotten:
    "What?? You want how much per application? TruGreen only charges $35!!" so many times...

    well i stopped off at the local lesco dealer and here is what they set up for me:

    19-0-6 Dimension .10% 30%PPSCU covers 12K sq. ft. at $29.24 per bag
    Momentum Force 21-0-11E Weed and Feed covers 13,580 sq. ft. at $51.69
    32-5-7 50% PPSCU covers 17K sq. ft at $34.23
    Merit .2% 24-0-8 40%PPSCU 14,250 sq. ft at $45.94
    32-0-8 30%ppscu 2fe 16K sq. ft. at $30.10

    thats per bag prices, purchasing 25 bags of each step. which is alot more than what im currently paying for the other stuff. im gonna put together packages for each of my client and try to sell them on this stuff, which is gonna be fun.

    Lesco rep says this should put around .75-1lb of N per 1K sq. ft. per app.

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