FERT. Question-Weed Spraying Included in Bid?


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I know this isn't the Pesticide application forum but there is a broader cross section here.

When you bid a fertilizing job do you include spraying for weeds in your bid or is it a separate billing?

I sell 3, 4 and 5 applications of granular fertilizer. Currently I only have 10 accounts but plan on increasing next year. For my 4 and 5 ap programs I include spraying 1 time without billing extra for it. My rates are $5.00 per 1K for the granular. So a 10k lawn gets 5 granular aps and 1 liquid weed application for $250.00 per year. Should I charge for the liquid weed? (same as ap of granular or more or less???)

I am looking to buy a larger sprayer. How do you charge for the liquid weed control and if you want to tell me what product you like best I would appreciate it. I have been using Riverdale Dissolve. Thanks.


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Don't charge extra for weeds. Include an amount in your program price to cover your spraying. Once you get rid of the weeds, you really only should need to spot treat for them anyways.

The only time that I could see charging extra to spray weeds would be a new customer that has a heavy weed population, and would require extra time and material to control.

Most homeowners are completely clueless when it comes to lawn treatments. Just sell them on a price per treatment.


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i am with both of those guys.
if i pick them up mid season and after say the broad leaf weed control with fert. in may and its september and thet have a lot of clover they are going to be charged little extra.
as for the dissolve: it a three way post-emergent selective herbicide containing amine of 2,4-d,mecoprop and dichlorprop. (info taken out of c-p press book)...