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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by BigLouie, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Has anyone used the John Deere landscapes fert and seed? I asked the landscaper/irrigation contractor that did my irrigation install what he used. He said that he used to use Lesco products,but didn't get good results. He said that he has been using the John Deere products and that he feels like they are alot better. I have reseeded my yard (after it was messed up with the trenches) with the John Deere seed he gave me that was left over (half a 50lb bag) and I will see how it does. Any suggestions. This is a new lawn and I want to get it started right. If anyone is willing to PM me a fert schedule and what products I would be highly appreciative. I want to have the BEST lawn in the neighborhood. I really enjoy doing landscaping and doing it myself. I just want a proffessional opinion instead of what Scott's says is "best". Thanks for the help this site is awsome.
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    Have John Deere landscapes or Lesco give u a schedule specifically for your area. We don't even know what kind of grass u have and I'm sure your climate is different than most here.
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    I will go by the John Deere landscapes distributor soon. I just wanted some proffessional opinions on the guys that know what works and what doesn't. I live in the transition zone in the Piedmont near Charlotte, NC. I have tall fescue. I put out 400 lbs of lime on my new lot as well, it is almost 1/2 an acre. Any help would be appreciated. I know when I talk to John Deere they will say, " Our stuff is the BEST." That's why I wanted an unbiased opinion on what products you like. Thanks for any help and insight you guys can offer.

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