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  1. Trevors Lawn Care

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    When people say you must pass an exam and such to become a licensed applicator what exactly consists or makes up the exam that one must pass?

    I tried doing a search, but found a lot of useless info, as it is a pretty broad topic.

    I am sure safty and such would be covered, but what else..>Formulas?

    any info is greatly appreciated.

  2. B&B

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    in ga. 200 question test . best advise contact your local extension office.
  3. MacLawnCo

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    calibration and PPE are biggies also. click on Jim's link in the bottom of my signature to get to your state. If memory serves me, Michigan is quite dificult to obtain certification in.
  4. airtractrdrivr

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    It's different in every state. Oklahoma (my state) requires a 100 question core test (general knowledge) and a 100 question test for each category you are obtaining certification in. Several categories like General pest control and Structural pest control also require a practical exam.

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