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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Oct 22, 2012.

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    whats your slow release % in the spring? typically quick release nitrogen will cause you some issues. Also, have you tried dethatching or various aeration methods to promote air circulation?
  2. Just think Of my watering like an all night rain from mother nature! I only allow mother nature to irrigate when the turf is beginning to go understress, and will water as many nites as needed to wet the soil 3" deep.

    If you lightly water ever night or everyother nite, which is very common scheduling of the irrigation people set up, perfect for brown patch!

    Yes night watering helps many diseases, thats why I water as infrequent as possible! Deep, infrequent irrigation is the best for turfgrass!

    Hope this helps
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    That's what the experts tell me, and why I do not recommend it to my customers.

    Glad we agree.
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    IMO a fall app will help to create a stronger plant..
    also just my opinion.. If you want to help grow stronger plants in the spring I would aerate it in 2 directions probally now so the soil settles by march/april (depending on the type) and hit it with a fert in the spring along with some cutlass to remove top growth and focus it twords root developement

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