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    I am wanting to expand my business by offering fertilization to my list of services. The only problem is that I know very Little about fertilizing. So I have complied a list of questions.

    What types of fertilizer should I use during:
    -And before winter?
    -How many times a year should I fertilize?
    -Where should I buy fertilizer?
    -Are there certain times that are best for fertilizing; Such As:
    -When it s Hot? cold?
    -Should you fertilize: before it rains? or after it rains?
    -should you fertilize when it is dry?
    -What time of day it best? night day? afternoons?
    -how much should I charge per SQ. Ft.

    o yeah...and I live in Kansas and work with mainly bluegrass and fescue. and this applies for small residential lawns under about 10,000 sq. ft.
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    there are too many possible answers to those questions: What I would do it do a lot of research first; read books, internet searchs, talk to local nurseymen, etc. It took me 11 years to where I am at right now and I still don't know every single thing in regards to fertilizers, pesticides, etc. You just have to constantly keep reading and keep on updating yourself.
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    You need to do a lot of studying and practice on friends and families lawns until you get experience under your belt. Do you have to be licensed in your area to apply?

    If you do it wrong ...you can cost yourself a lot of money.

    Go by your local Lesco and start learning.

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