fertalizing companies drive me crazy!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by martyman, May 22, 2002.

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    Being a lawncutter I don't do fertalizing or weed control. Every spring I have to deal with lawns that are so tall from the fertalizer. Why do companies insist on putting on such heavy applications? Can this damage the lawn and cause thatch? It would be great if there was somekind of newletter that could go to all the fertalizing companies to advise them on the proper amounts to use. Or is this just improper training?

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    I doubt very much that Fertilizer Applicators are out to make your life difficult. I agree that a fertile lawn probably doesn't need 1+LB of Soluble Nitrogen in April if the turf was properly managed the year before. Some applicators take that route anyway because they fear customer turnover. Consumers aren't all that concerned with agronomics, they just want the greenest lawn on their street.
    That said, some companies just won't take the chance that their new customers are anything less than satisfied, so they blast all the lawns with the same cocktail. That's too bad. Skilled applicators do know how to treat all lawns with a degree of "custom care", preventing some of what you are seeing.
    If N levels are really high, Leaf Spot, root loss, excessive growth and thatch production are all possible side effects.
    In defense of Fertilizer Applicators I must say this. Most springs result in a flush of growth on all healthy lawns for this reason: Healthy Grass grows!
    If it didn't, it would become extinct! Grasses have survived for millions of years because they are prolific. They're also capable of sensing a positive environmental condition when they see it. Then they capitalize on it. Sort of like a successful business person does.
    This spring has seen (up to now around here) unusually warm weather, very early, which is why the cutting has been so tough. This too shall pass.

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    I have a few customers that have these companies and I must admit that they do launch and hit with the Nitrogen bomb in April but I go into summer mowing mode and mow at 3 or 3 1/2 inches. If they want me to bag I charge dearly. If they want it mowed every 3 to 5 thats fine with me. They keep paying, it keeps growing.

    Just remember that in the dog days of summer.

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