Fertigation: Anyone doing it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lbmd1, Feb 13, 2002.

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    Just got the recent Landscape Management and Turf this week. Both had sections and articles on Fertigation, the process of fertilizing turf through sprinkler systems. Our area is innundated with existing sprinkler systems and irrigation companies are all over the place, but no signs or ads for this service. Thought it would be a great niche market to look into. Anyone out there currently performing this service and if so, any preferences in brands or problems with this type of service. Also if someone has done it before, what has the average job been priced at?

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    I have done a little reserch into this practice and it SOUNDS like a really good idea but me being a techinical person i had to find its faults and belive me its littered with them. First the coverage area becomes a huge problem, ii dont thing i have ever seen a sprinkler system that can evenly distribute water perfectly to all area of the turf area. you allways encounter black area, weather it be behind a tree, in between heads, or just a few head being miss ajusted. this would lead to lack of fertilizer is several areas. then u have the problemm of over lap, which is just fine if all your doing is watering, but if u start adding fert to that water u might over apply posibly resuting in burning or increased growth in some area. Then what happens when most sprikler systems run?....water end up on the concrete surfaces and could possible go down the storm drains.... big no no, the envro guys will love that one. i belive in residential applications that fertigation is far from being perfected.
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    Yes they work great we have installed a few,good money to, its a hell of a seller too

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