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  1. Grass Groomer

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    I have clients asking about fertigation but I have no idea what to tell them. All info would be appreciated (cost, effectiveness, hazards, drawbacks, manufacturers, availability, etc.).
  2. sjj14

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    there have been several threads discussing this so do a search for more info but in general its a bad idea. The whole concept is based on the quality of the irrigation system in place. If you have heads that overlap or have areas that are missed completly by irrigation system the result is one ugly lawn. If by chance a head gets stuck in one position you run the risk of burning lawn or a massive green streak where the head was running for god knows how many cycles in the same position! In short it takes the control of how fert is applied out of your hands. I have had experince in the golf world with these systems and we always used them as a supplement not the backbone of the fertility program and always used when someone was there to moniter the system.

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