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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JimsLandscaping, Jul 19, 2001.

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    What do you guys charge to spread fertilizer? And is there and special fertilizer you guys would recommend? Is there any places that sell fertilizer cheep in Monee IL area? And what brand would you recommend?:confused:

  2. EJK2352

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    Are you licensed to do lawn applications? In most states you don't have to be licenced to spread straight fertilizer, but if you plan on applying any pesticides you will need to be licensed. I would check w/ Lesco for your fertilizer. I charge $4.50- $5.00 per thousand for a basic 4 app. fert & weed control program. ED
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    jim, we use all granular applications, and.....5000 sq. ft is about $40-$50 for fert, weed, and pre-em apps. grub treatments higher at about $60. this makes the whole program about 225-300. we use uhs products wich we have had great results with.
  4. EJK2352

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    $8-$10 per 1000 wow wee !!!!!!
  5. you guys are realy high priced

    my program is selling for about $2 to $3 per a thousand square feet depending on property size

    45,000sf $90

    35,000sf $70

    25,00sf $65

    15,000sf $45

    wiht the material and labor cost you running about at least double mark up

    however I do have a min. charge of $30 for lawn smaller than 10,000 sf

    I am using Howard Johnson products

    I think that would be an ok price

    and to correct the guys on answering you Lic. you have to be lic. to put out any Herb. or Pesticides
    strait fert no lic.

    $5 or more per a 1,000 sf good luck selling that CL wil come in and do it for 50cents a sf
  6. EJK2352

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    I have yet to run into Chemlawn doing applications for $.50 per 1000. They are usually in the $3-$4 per K area ,at least thats the case in my area. I can get $4.50- $5 per w/ no problem. My dry fert. program will blow Chemlawn away. I would venture to say that 75-80% of my fert. customers left Chemlawn to sign w/ me.
    :) ;) :) ED
  7. EJK2352

    Honest to go CL is doing 125,000sf lawn for $50 per an app.

    I didn't do the math , But I could tell they are not doing the whole prop.
    yet the owner belives they are

    I now the cost alone is at least $50 for that size

    but I can tell CL is trying to get back in on most of my account and I will only loose the chepo's back to them till they get no resaults and I will get them back and charge more to get the lawn back into shape

    and yes one of the ones I was doing never told me they had CL still doing the lawn and I went in there to spray for nutsage and creabgrass and she told me after I had finished she had CL and they where the a month ago to spray
    a week later i have seen resaults

    we will let CL (water lawn) ruin their own reputation

  8. JLC

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    LGF, I would have to say you are charging to little. Why market yourself against CL or any other spray only LCO? I don't yet, but will have no problem getting a full route at the prices I wan't. I refuse to be a price competitor. I use quality products and I take more time on lawns to be sure that my image doesn't suffer because I was in a hurry. I don't want anything to do with competing for price and will market myself that way. Value is relative to the level of service you get. Sure CL types may be cheaper, but after years of paying a cheap price and not being satisfied, most will pay whatever if they get the service they want. This is the service I provide. I want production as much as the next guy, but production at the sake of quality (CL types) will get me no where but a lost account. This is why I charge higher rates. You get what you pay for and the customer knows this. You simply need to market yourself that way and you will get whatever you want. Comments?
  9. HBFOXJr

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    Although it's nice to know what others get it can be pretty irrelevant to what YOU are doing.

    My best advise is to take a bidding and estimating Seminar (full 2 day) with Charles Vander Kooi of Vander Kooi and Associates, 303-697-6467 or Jim Huston of Smith-Huston, Inc., 800-451-5588. You must be prepared with solid book keeping numbers when you go, believe what they tell you and practice it everyday the rest of your busines life when you leave.

    Their clients that follow through, are the quietly succesful ones and business survivors. Believe it!
  10. let make it a little clearer and easer to understand

    I charge per an App.

    my price is per an App.

    my program is charged per and app

    is you prices per an app or for the whole program?

    if so then my price is $15 to $18 per a 1000 for the program

    prices will vary in different areas and in dirr. markets


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