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  1. finish line strips

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    With all the rain that we are having here in N.C.Do you guys think that granulated slow releasing fert. is better than liquid?
  2. smburgess

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    Yes, and cheaper also. But the window on applying fertilizer will be closing soon.
  3. TOMMY1115

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    Granular is the way to go!!!

    Some liquid fertilizers are less expensive than slow release grans. For example, a bag of 46-0-0 sprayable urea $10.00/bag covers 23,000 sq ft (1#n/1000 sq ft) cost/M = .43

    Plus, if you do a blanket application of a weed control, you can mix it in your tank and kill two birds with one stone. Saves labor by not having to go over the lawn twice.

    The down fall to some liquid ferts is that if you get ALOT of rain, the liquid fert will not last as long as a slow release will.


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