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Fertilize application cost

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30 acres of normal terrain. Turf is in good condition... how much would you charge for 3 applications of weed and feed.
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Don't think I'd do 3 appps. of weed and feed. Do you mean a 3 app. program, or do you really mean 3 apps. of weed and feed?
I would charge about $13,500 total, first ap in the spring would be fert with pre-m, second would be fert with weed control, and then another fert with weed control in the fall. You would be better off to get someone with a golf course type sprayer to spray the weed control and the a vicon type spreader on the back of a tractor.
Sorry, I was sleepy when I posted this. I thought I was in the fertilizer section.... ANyway, 3 app. process, spring-summer-fall....spring NPK w/preM then NP w/weed kill then fall NPK w/ weed kill... we do small apps but never anything this big so Im kinda like AAHhhhh duhhh, so I thought this would be a good place to ask.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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