fertilize the soil before sod


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First I'd like to give big Thank You to all you folks who have helped me thus far with my questions and such. It's been a great help! :)

OK, so I'm 2, 3 days away from finishing the ground cleanup and will be down to pure soil. Not a single weed or blade of old grass will be left. We have a few more things to do before laying down the sod like pruning more trees (which i'm getting a pro out here to do) and repairing some more broken sprinker heads and a leak, etc, etc.. so It will be at least another 2 weeks before I'll be ready to go shopping for sod.

Here's my question:
7 days ago, before pulling up all this muck from the ground, I had spread Scott's Weed&Feed. Now I'm not sure just how much of it actually made it to the ground since there were so many layers of dead vegitation, mulch, wood chips and stuff that that have since been removed. Should I fertilize again before putting down the sod? What should I use? (I was thinking turf builder) Or would the risk of over fertilizing possibly kill my new sod?

Now, before last week, our lawn/yard had not been fertilized for at least a year and a half. Would laying down sod on soil like that lessen it's likely hood of doing well?

I realize I should never have spread the stuff back there in the first place.. :(


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You may want to give the sod grower a call and see if they fertilize their sod before the cut it. If they do, you may not need to.


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we don't recomend fert on fresh sod or under it its usually already done start a fert program 3 weeks after sod is laid

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